Alienware Inc., the leading maker of laptop computers, designed the Alienware 17in Laptop. They are not the cheapest laptops on the market, but they are among the most powerful.

If you are a gamer then you will definitely seek a high-performance gaming laptop, this short review will show you one that will exceed your expectations. You will need one of these devices if you wish to play your games at the maximum settings possible.

We will go through the Alienware 17in laptop in great depth here. Alienware has a lot to offer to gamers who do not want their laptop’s capabilities to limit them. The high performance, however, comes at a high cost: a short battery life.

Alienware 17in laptop: Complete Review

The Alienware 17in laptop has generated excellent discussion in the market since its release. Alienware fulfilled its promise by launching a line of attractive and powerful gaming PCs. Alienware’s 17-inch laptop is a fresh addition to the company’s already strong lineup.

The new model’s launch has been a success so far, with robust capabilities and a pleasurable typing experience bringing laptop performance to a new level. However, there is one area where the Alienware 17in laptop falls short: battery life.

Alienware 17in laptop
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Gaming laptops are often more expensive than non-gaming laptops. To top it off, Alienware has a track record of creating very coveted models that people will pay any price for.

This trend is not avoided by the new Alienware 17in laptop. Despite its premium price, it has a large following, owing to the laptop’s strong performance, as well as its modern and sleek design, appealing gaming components, and other features. When you consider the overall picture, the large price tag does not appear so large.

 The expensive cost of this laptop is due to the device’s small size and powerful hardware rather than its excellent quality. It boasts excellent graphics and specifications that will satisfy the majority of gamers. But not all laptops are expensive, these laptops come at a very reasonable price.

The Alienware 17 has a starting price of $2,999 for a Full HD variant.


Alienware continues to surprise gamers by releasing a powerful laptop. The latest Alienware laptop has a 17.3-inch screen that would be ideal for replacing your desktop gaming setup. It is the lightest and thinnest gaming laptop thanks to its 0.8-inch thickness.

Alienware 17in laptop is enhanced by a black keyboard deck and a beautifully designed touchpad panel. Both will light while being used, and the best thing is that the colors can be changed. The power button has an alien appearance that adds to its appeal, and the patterns visible above the keyboard panel add to the laptop’s allure.

The case design of the Alienware 17in model M17x is of anodized aluminum that blends a long lifespan with naturally textured beauty that can resist everyday wear and tear. Sophistication, protection, and durability are all advantages of using anodized aluminum.

Given the M17x’s high gaming performance, a case that can effectively manage thermals and protect everything inside is critical. The anodized aluminum case of the M17x has bold lines and an outspoken personality.

Alienware 17in laptop Performance

Alienware 17in laptops are incredibly popular because they provide excellent performance for a fraction of the cost of comparable laptops. These laptops are ideal for gamers as well as anyone looking for a low-cost, high-performance laptop.

Alienware 17in laptop for gaming
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Every high-end game runs smoothly and in great quality on the Alienware’s 1,920 x 1,080 screen thanks to the Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M. It has 1,536 stream processors, a 954MHz base speed, and 8GB of GDDR5 RAM.

Look no farther than Alienware if you are seeking a powerful gaming laptop that will let you play your favorite games without breaking the bank. These laptops are lightning quick and provide excellent gaming performance. Take a glance at these laptops if you want high performance and a sleek design at a low price.

One of the best features of the Alienware is that one of its model m17 r4 laptops comes with two video cards, one regular and the other dual. This improves your performance and allows you to have the best gaming experience possible.

Intel’s Celeron Processor Support and AMD’s ATI Radeon HD graphics card are the two industry-standard visual cards. This is unquestionably a feasible alternative if you require great performance. The dual graphics card adds a layer of performance to your gaming needs.

An RTX model would be ideal if you like a more immersive gaming experience on your laptop. Users will be able to employ the ray tracing technology, which adds a sophisticated lighting effect to video games to make them look more realistic.

Alienware 17in laptop is designed to keep cool.  Higher maximum thermal design power (TDP) support means your system can take more total watts for internal components, allowing for better performance. Your system will stay cool even when under heavy graphics load thanks to the enhanced ventilation system.

A larger and more effective speaker box has been added as part of the revised design, resulting in improved audio output and a more dramatic gaming experience.

Alienware 17in laptop Battery

Despite its large battery, the Alienware 17in laptop (2021) can only last a little over two hours of continuous internet browsing. It takes over 1.5 hours to fully charge this beast. Alienware did not place a high priority on battery life, but it now does, with a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Reliable Audio

Audio should be reliable on a good gaming laptop. As a result, two front earbuds come included with the Alienware 17in laptop. One pair is made for gaming and may be removed to be used with headphones. The other pair is for music listening and connecting headphones. These two headphones deliver crystal-clear sound.

Other Notable Features

Although the Alienware 17in laptop features cutting-edge gaming technology, it also includes a slew of other components that can help your laptop function more smoothly. A high-speed wireless connection and Windows Vista capabilities are included.

They also come with a lightweight keyboard that comes with a stand so you can place it wherever you wish. This is the most effective method for increasing your computing abilities.


Is it true that Alienware laptops get too hot?

Alienware laptops have a history of running overheated, having noisy fans, or both. To some extent, this is expected of any gaming laptop with high-powered core components, but Alienware models have always performed well in this area. Recent Alienware models, such as the X17, have proven to be particularly outstanding in terms of their ability to keep temperatures down, be silent, and have a tiny and portable chassis – a remarkable feat. But there are multiple ways you can stop your laptop from overheating without taking it apart.

Why does the Alienware M17 have such a short battery life?

The battery life of all large laptops with high-performance components is projected to be lower than that of their equivalents. In the case of gaming laptops, this is especially true. Because the laptop is plugged in most of the time, it has little impact on a buyer’s decision.

Is it feasible for me to carry the Alienware 17in laptop?

The Alienware M17 is one of the slimmest and lightest laptops on the market, making it ideal for folks who need to carry their laptops about a lot.

Is the Alienware 17 R5 gaming laptop good for graphic design?

Yes, it has the power, a discrete high-quality graphics processor, and the screen resolution you want for graphics design and drawing if it is a touch screen. Simply ensure that your touch screen can be used with a pen.

Why has Alienware slimmed down and sped up its powerful gaming laptops?

Nobody wants to carry along a cumbersome laptop. They will do it because it is better if they can keep the same speed and performance while slimming it down. Furthermore, more people will be interested in purchasing it.

Is Alienware a better laptop than the others?

When compared to other laptops, the Alienware laptop has improved performance and technology. While comparable gaming laptops such as the Razor, Rogue, and other brands of laptops have a similar design and feel, Alienware has a unique look and feel.

What kind of gaming laptop is the Alienware M15?

Goodness The Alienware m15 R2 is a stunning thin-and-light gaming laptop that can be customized to include all of the components you will need to play the latest AAA games at the highest graphical settings. After purchasing, the Bad RAM cannot be raised. At full throttle, the laptop gets extremely hot.

What is the current market price of the Alienware M17 model?

The M17 model starts at roughly $1350 as a starting price. Customers can then customize it based on their preferences for model and specs.

Will the Alienware M17 allow me to play Red Dead Redemption?

The Alienware M17 is capable of running any of the current high-profile titles, including Red Dead Redemption. Experts believe M17 will be able to run any game launched in the coming years.

Why Alienware X-series laptops are the best?

These Alienware gaming laptops, which introduce a whole new line of machines to the 15- and 17-inch ranges, appear to be exceptional blends of elegance and performance. Alienware has unveiled its latest gaming laptop model, which is intended to stand out among the best gaming laptops available.

How do I care for an Alienware laptop to last long?

Keeping it clean and keeping it cool are the two key things that will require attention. If spills and crumbs fall on or into a keyboard, they will cause problems if they are not cleaned up right away.

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Bottom Line

Any gamer will be pleased with the Alienware 17in laptop because it is a gaming powerhouse. This laptop boasts excellent specifications, making it ideal for anyone looking for a device that is both portable and powerful enough to play games at high settings.

The Alienware 17-inch laptop offers all of the features that will entice any gamer to purchase it and get their money’s worth out of it. This laptop should be a must-have for everybody who can afford it because of its excellent processing and graphics capabilities. We hope you found this post interesting, and we thank you for taking the time to read it.