In this article, you will come to know about the WMA(Windows Media Audio) and the tools to play WMA files.

WMA(a compressed audio file), is a format designed by Microsoft to compete with MP3 that can be readily played on a Windows pc but is not supported by many devices, including Android phones, and it is frequently used for internet music streaming.

WMA has many advantages, most people said that WMA has better sounds as compared to MP3 when they’re at the same bitrate, especially when comparing bitrates less than 64 Kbps.

WMA contains many sub-formats, including WMA Lossless, a lossless codec that compresses audio without compromising quality; WMA Pro, a lossy codec that allows for high-resolution audio; and WMA Speech, a lossy codec optimized for speech playback.

The Microsoft Windows Media Player can play Windows Media Audio files(WMA FILES). Windows Media Player is included with the Windows operating system by default. Other media players, such as WinAmp, Freemake, VLC, Vidmore Player, and iTunes, can play WMA files as well.

How to open or play WMA files on Windows

1) Freemake

play WMA files

Freemake is a free and lovely program to play any WMA file. you can download it on your PC easily and enjoy any WMA music file at any moment without conversion. This software supports over 40 audio formats.

To play WMA files on, follow these steps.

a) Freemake Music Box may be downloaded to your computer for free.

b) Start Freemake Music Box and drag-and-drop your WMA files into the application.

c) To play WMA files on your computer, use the “Play” button. In the same way, play additional WMA audio.

2) Vidmore Player

Play WMA Files

To play WMA files, follow these steps

a) Download the Vidmore Player for free on your PC. After the program has been installed, Start it.

b) Click “Open File” To choose and import your WMA files into the software.

c) The application will immediately load it, and you will be able to listen to your music right away. You may play or stop, fast forward or rewind, adjust volume, pick audio track/channel/device, and more while listening to your WMA file.

3) Play WMA files via VLC Media Player and WinAmp

play wma files free

VLC and WinAmp(Winamp 5.8) are free and open-source media players that can play a wide range of video and audio files. It can play nearly any type of music file, including WMA, MP3, AAC, and others, as well as a wide range of movie formats, including Blu-ray and HD. VLC also has the ability to stream media files from the Internet.

play wma files by Winamp

Steps to follow

a) Navigate to the WMA file on your hard drive, external disc, or CD using Windows Explorer.

b) Hold down the right-click or tap-and-hold button on the WMA file. A context menu appears.

c) In the context menu, select “WinAmp” or “VLC“. In the selected player, the audio file opens and begins to play.

4) iTunes Software

play WMA files free

Follow these steps to play WMA files easily and quickly.

a) Download and Launch the iTunes program.

b) On the top navigation bar, click or select the “File” option, then “Add File to Library”. The window for file navigation appears.

c) Select the WMA file by clicking or tapping the “Browse” button.

d) Select the WMA file and then click “Open.” The WMA file is converted to AAC and put to the iTunes library automatically.

5) Mediaplayerlite

open and play WMA files

MediaPlayerLite is the best and free WMA media player software that opens a WMA file quickly (and many other formats of Video, Image & Audio Player as well). It helps to play WMA files on Windows without the need for WMA codec packs. You may also make music playlists (mpl and m3u) to make it easier to open albums. This software can be used in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and many more languages.

Steps to follow to play WMA files

a) Download and launch it on PC

b) Click “Open File” To choose and import your WMA files into the software or drag and drop them into the player.

c) The application will immediately open and load it.

6) Groove Music

play wma files on windows

Groove Music is Windows 10’s default and free audio player which can be used to open and play WMA files quickly and smoothly without converting into other formats. You may listen to all of your favorite songs with this amazing music player. You can easily browse and search your complete music library, as well as create and manage playlists. iOS, Android, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One are all supported. It supports various audio formats like M4A, AMR, FLAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, AAC. Follow these steps.

a) Download and launch it on PC

b) Click “Open File” To choose and import your WMA files into the software or drag and drop them into the player.

c) The application will immediately open and load it.

7) 5KPlayer

open or play WMA files audio

5KPlayer was created to make it simple to play WMA files and other formats on Mac and Windows PCs, such as MKV, AVI, and MP4. This top free WMA player has an easy-to-use menu system that even a novice can use. 5KPlayer is very user-friendly because of the drag-and-drop capability. With a single click, you may play, pause, stop and modify the WMA file. Users may make their own playlists and further personalize their music collections using 5KPlayer. It is completely free, and users do not need to register in order to use it. 5KPlayer is also a highly versatile tool.

a) You can download and run the Windows version of 5KPlayer.

b) After installation, you can pick any WMA audio and Drag and drop to the Music icon.

How to play WMA files on Android

Here are some best Apps to play WMA files for Android

1) WMA Music Player

play WMA files

There are a lot of music applications on the Google Play Store currently, but virtually all of them don’t support WMA files, therefore many customers dismiss them and give them bad ratings. The “WMA Music Player” software was created with the goal of assisting music fans in getting the most out of their WMA music files.

WMA Music Player for Android is a straightforward yet capable application for playing WMA audio files.

WMA Music Player categorizes music not just by artist or album, but also by folder structure and a variety of other factors.

2) VLC for Android

How to play WMA files free

VLC for Android is a popular audio player that supports a wide range of video and music file formats, including MKV, MP4, FLAC, WMA, OGG, and others. Internet streams, DVD ISOs, and disc sharing are all available to users. Multi-track subtitles and audio are also supported by VLC. It supports various audio formats like AC3, AAC, AMR, ALAC, DTS, etc.

3) Tonido App

play wma files

Tonido is an Android WMA player that allows you to listen to and stream music from any device. It can also access your computer’s documents, movies, photographs, and other data via a web browser, smartphone, tablet, or even DLNA-enabled devices.

It supports various audio formats ie AAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, M4B, M4A, WAV, etc.


HOW to play wma files

AIMP is a robust Android music player that supports the majority of popular music formats, including WMA, FLAC, MP3, and others. This program has a 29-band equalization, which is uncommon among music players. It is also capable of conversion of multi-channel files to stereo/ mono.

It supports various audio formats like AAC, MP3, Dolby AC-3, Opus, Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Apple Lossless, Windows Media Audio, WAV, FLAC, and Audio CDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WMA preferable over MP3?

When compared to MP3, WMA provides a better sound. When compared to WMA, MP3 occupies a larger storage space. WMA is less popular than MP3, which is supported by a wide range of multimedia programs. The MP3 format is not a proprietary format, but the WMA format is.

What is the purpose of a WMA file?

What is a WMA file, exactly? The WMA file extension stands for Windows Media Audio, which is a container for audio files as well as an audio codec. The popular Windows Media Player, the in-built multimedia player of Windows operating systems, supports this format natively.

Is it possible to convert WMA format to MP3 files?

VLC Player can convert WMA files to MP3 files. It’s one of our faves at How-to Geek since it’s not only free, but it’s also cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS) and quite powerful. Open VLC when it has been installed, then go to the “Media” menu and select the “Convert/Save” function.

How can I use Windows Media Player to play WMA files?

Simply double-click on a WMA file to play it with Windows Media Player on a Windows PC. In Windows Media Player, the audio file opens and begins to play.

How to convert a WMA file to a WAV file?

Using a converting program, such as Vidmore Video Converter, is the quickest and easiest way to convert a WMA file to an MP3 file. This application converts WMA to MP3, AAC, FLAC, and other common audio formats for Windows and Mac. Read How to Convert WMA to WAV File Online and Offline for more information.


As you all know that there is a long list of software to play WMA files. So choose the best tool to listen to your wma audio files. The best and easy-to-use tools for windows are Mediaplayerlite and Freemake. To open compressed files of WMA on android, WMA Music Player is the best application to use.