Are you tired of getting hundreds of unwanted or spam emails in your inbox? This is where temporary email can bring an incredible change to your life.

Have you ever heard about temporary emails? You have come to the right place here if you want to dig out the concept of temporary email i.e. what is it & how does it work to make your life easier? Let us get started with it.

What is a temporary email? 

Let us have a glance at what is temporary email, before digging out this topic in detail.

At this age, every one of us is tired of receiving unwanted emails every day. Every single time you give your email address somewhere, you boost up your chances of getting such emails.

Moreover, it is not always secure to provide your real email address everywhere. In this scenario, the temporary email address resolves many of your related problems.

There are several temporary email service providers these days & getting its access is as simple as ABC. These email addresses make your life simple as these are designed for a specific purpose. Once you achieve that, you can always discard your email & it will not have any kind of impact on your personal mailbox. Isn’t it amazing?

The new age of disposable or temporary emails have begun

Email addresses play an imperative role in our lives & every one of us uses them for a variety of purposes. From communicating with our friends & colleagues to signing up to social accounts & other websites, we all need email addresses. Nearly every single website we visit today requires you to provide an email address.

A few years back, the scenario was not the same. Everyone, including me, loved to have one primary email address for every purpose. But now, it is not possible to provide one mailing address everywhere. The reason is that if you choose to provide the same email address for signing up to websites or social apps, for taking part in contests, for getting loyalty cards, or for communication purposes, you get even more than a hundred emails per day. All of those emails aren’t important to read & unfortunately you can’t set priority to that.

In this scenario, the temporary email plays a crucial role. These days, the temporary emails let you enjoy plenty of benefits regarding this.

Perks of having a temporary email

Let us have a look at the perks of having temporary mail & how it can ease your life in several ways.

Access multiple websites with peace of mind

Getting a bunch of spammy emails from several sources is a lot frustrating. With a temporary email address, you will be able to provide a valid address to different sites or apps but not your primary one. Sign up or access websites with peace of mind that you won’t be wasting hours deleting junk mails or looking for the important ones lost in this messy inbox.

Sign up for offers & discount cards

Mostly, we skip signing up for offers & discount cards thinking that we will start getting useless emails this way. This problem is solved with temporary email addresses. Sign up with these disposable addresses for all the offers & discounts with peace of mind.

High level of security

There are numerous chances that all your personal information is leaked if the website you signed up to gets hacked. In this scenario, a temporary email address plays its ideal role in providing you a high level of safety.

Fight spammy emails in the easiest way

According to Wikipedia; More than 54 B spam or junk emails are sent every single day. Every one of us gets irritated when it comes to useless emails. With temp mail services, you can fight spammy emails most efficiently as these are deleted automatically after some time or you can just ignore it as it is not in your primary mailbox.

No registration fee or lengthy process

As mentioned earlier, the process of getting the temporary email is the simplest one. It doesn’t require filling any lengthy forms. Moreover, the best thing is that the majority of service providers in this regard are offering these services just for nothing. Yes! FREE.

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Is there any negative aspect of using temporary email?

Temp email duplication? It is when the two users get the same auto-generated temp email address. It usually happens so it might risk your level of security as both users will be having access to the same inbox.

Temp email duplication is probably one of its biggest disadvantages, I guess. The reason is that it could potentially risk your security. The best recommendation for you is to choose your username while generating this email address if the service provider is offering you this facility.

Short lifespan? The short lifespan of the temporary email is its advantage & disadvantage at the same time. The emails get deleted after a short time so if you need some sort of content in the future from your previous emails, you won’t have access to it.

Possibility of getting banned? Some best & useful forums may ban you if they found that you have entered their forum via disposable emails, such as Wiki.

Marketers can’t engage with customers? The last but not the least disadvantage is that it badly affects the website owners as well as the marketers. They are unable to successfully implement email marketing because of one-time addresses as it expires due to having a short lifespan.

Pro tip – All of us know that disposable emails are temporary. So, never use them for important or sensitive matters.

The basic difference between temporary email & regular email

The temporary email works the same as an ordinary email with a few differences.


The ordinary email address you create is for a lifetime. On the other hand, temporary emails rarely last for a day or so.

Registration process:

Generating an ordinary email requires a complete registration process whereas no registration is required for the temporary email.

Sending or receiving facility:

With an ordinary email, one can send/receive messages. But, a temporary email doesn’t allow you to send emails.

File attachment facility:

There is no file attachment facility available with temporary email except text or Html messages. This is to safeguard the users from viruses etc. Whereas with ordinary email, you can send and receive every kind of attachment in an email.

Duplication chances:

For ordinary email, it isn’t possible that the two users share the same email address. But, when it comes to temporary emails, it can happen because these are auto-generated emails addresses.

Deletion of emails:

The emails in the temporary mail are automatically deleted after a few minutes. On the other hand, in an ordinary email, you have to delete every single email manually.

Chances of hacking:

The temporary email has around zero to one percent chances of being hacked. However, ordinary email can be hacked.

Temporary emails – How to create a temporary email address?

Create-Fake-Disposable-Email-Address-Unlimited temporary email

Step1: Do a bit of research & find a reliable temporary email service provider

There are plenty of temp mail service providers in the market. Do a bit of research from your end & look for the one that looks authentic.

Step2: Generate an email address with given instructions

All the temp mail service providers have the simplest process of generating temporary emails like it doesn’t even require something from your end except clicking.

Let me mention one important thing here. A few temp mail service providers allow you to choose to own username while generating email while others don’t facilitate you with this.

Step3: You are ready to use your temp mail

Done? Yes, you are done! Your email address is ready with just a few clicks & you can use it instantly anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions about Temporary Mail

What are the other names used for temporary emails?

Temporary email is also known by other names like disposable email, one-time email, anonymous email, throwaway email.

How do I create a temporary email?

Creating a temp email is not difficult at all. Choose the service provider with a little research. Create your address with a few clicks & it’s ready to use. Enjoy!!

How much does it cost?

I am not sure about all service providers across the globe. But, the majority of temporary email service providers, offer these services for free.

Is it possible to have more than one temporary email?

Yes! You can have more than one at the same time.

How long does a temporary email last?

Well, it depends solely on the service provider but usually, it lasts for a few minutes.

Can I send and receive the temporary email?

You can only receive emails with temporary email, but the option of sending emails isn’t available up till now.