To reset the password on Toshiba Laptop is not as difficult as it might seem on numerous Youtube videos you have watched until now. If you are here reading this, then it is quite sure that you still haven’t reset the password on your Toshiba Laptop and still looking for a way to do so. Well, don’t worry, in this article we have compiled a full list of a number of ways you can try to solve your “Toshiba Satellite Laptop Forgot Password” error.

Normally, the first way everyone will tell you to try to reset the password on Toshiba Satellite Laptop is by a recovery or reset disk. But that seems like a difficult process for non-tech people. Not all of us are tech gurus and resetting password on any laptop seems quite intimidating to us, especially when it comes to creating reset/recovery disks. So, if you are also one of those not-so-tech peeps, here are some easy solutions to reset the password on Toshiba Laptop without a disk.

Let’s dig into the details:

Solution 1: Reset Password on Toshiba Laptop Without a Disk

The first and easiest method to reset the password on your Toshiba Laptop without a disk and recover your important files and contents is by using a command prompt in safe mode. Wondering “What is Safe Mode?”. A safe Mode is basically a service option given to the Windows User by Microsoft which uses a very small number of system services and options to run/resolve any task/error. So, in short, you can say that Safe Mode helps solve system errors by using a limited number of system services.

And if you have forgotten the password of your Toshiba Laptop or it got lost somehow, you can reset it by using the Safe Mode as a command Prompt. To reset the password on your Toshiba Satellite Laptop supporting Windows 10 using safe mode, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Simultaneously press the Shift Key from your keyboard and click on the Restart option, from the power icon menu given at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • This will take you to the Windows Recovery Menu. Under the heading of “Choose an option”, click on the Troubleshoot option.
Password Reset on Toshiba Laptop
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  • On the next screen, three options are given, take your cursor to the Advanced Options and click on it.
  • A new screen will pop up with five different options. To enter in the safe mode, you have to select the option of Startup Settings.
  • On the next screen, several options will appear. You don’t have to select any one. Just click on the Restart option given below these options.
  • It will reboot your Toshiba Laptop. After rebooting your Toshiba Laptop, a startup screen with multiple options will appear. From there, you have to select the option of Enable Safe Mode with Command Prompt. By pressing F6 Key you can enable select that option.
  • Now, a Command Prompt Window will appear in front of you instead of a normal screen. Here you have to set the two commands. In command 1, type the words “net user”. It will load all the available user profiles. In command 2, after “net user” type the name of the account (you want to unlock the password) and then type the new password you would like to set.
  • After this, you will see the message “The command completed successfully” on your screen.
  • Now press the keys ALT+CTRL+DEL simultaneously. It will take you to the startup setting page. From there, follow the steps again to reboot your Toshiba Laptop. When restarted, you will be able to log in to your Toshiba laptop with the new password you set in the command prompt earlier.

That’s it you have reset the password on your Toshiba Laptop without a reset disk and using Command Prompt in Safe Mode. Also, check out this video for a more detailed guide;

Solution 2: Reset The Password on Toshiba laptop Online Without Disk

The Windows OS 10/8/8.1 users are lucky enough to reset the password on their Toshiba Laptop online without disk. We understand the hustle one has to put to create windows recovery disks or reset disks to recover passwords. That’s why if the above-mentioned solution to reset the password doesn’t work for you, here is another way you can try without getting into the fuss of disks.

This method will only work if your Windows and Microsoft accounts have been synchronized and you can log into your Toshiba Laptop using Microsoft id and its password. So, if you think Sync was enabled on your Toshiba Satellite Laptop and now you have forgotten the password to log in then follow the few simple steps mentioned below to reset the password easily;

  • Take any other laptop and try to log in to your Microsoft account using any web browser. Of course, you don’t know the password, so, you will be denied access to your account.
  • An option of “Send Security Code” will appear after repeating the wrong password several times. By clicking on this option, a window will open. Here you to type the “Alternate Email ID” you write at the time of your Microsoft account creation for emergency times. Then a security code will be sent to your this alternate email id.
Toshiba Laptop Password Reset Online
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  • Next, open the inbox of your alternate email id. Open the mail sent to you by Microsoft containing the reset code. Now type this reset code on the Microsoft website and you will gain access to your Microsft account where you will be asked to reset or create a new password.
  • Once reset, you can log into your Toshiba Laptop using this new password, only if your Microsoft account is synced with your Windows account on your Toshiba Laptop.

Solution 3: Reset the Password on Toshiba Laptop using Windows Password Recovery Software

This is another method you can try to reset the password on Toshiba Laptop. The first two methods used inbuild Microsoft services to reset the password. But in this method, you would have to use third-party software namely Windows Password Recovery Software.

This software is known to unlock laptops no matter how strong or hard passwords you used to have. The main feature of this Software is that it completely removes the password from the Log-in or Welcome screen of your computer. And you can easily get into your laptop like you used to.

So, how to use this Windows Recovery Software? There are a few steps you have to follow to reset the password on Toshiba Laptop using this. Follow the below-mentioned steps properly to avoid any confusion later:

  • Download the Windows Password Recovery Set up from the link below on any operating system.
  • It will start installing the setup on your computer. When the installation is complete, you can launch the software.
  • A new window will open on your screen asking you to choose either USB or CD/DVD to create a password reset disk. Whatever you choose, after inserting it into the port, click on the option of “Begin Burning”.
  • When the notification of boot completition appears on your screen, immediately remove the media port (USB or CD/DVD).
Reset the password on Toshiba Laptop
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  • Now grab your Toshiba Laptop whose password you have forgotten. Insert the media drive into your Toshiba Laptop.
  • Click on the Restart button after inserting.
  • As soon as the Toshiba Logo appears on your screen after restarting, press the F12 key from the keyboard of your Toshiba Laptop. It will take you to Boot Menu. From there, select the bootable media drive you inserted on this laptop.
  • Now, wait for the Windows Password Reset block to appear on your screen. Then first, select the Windows operating system of your Toshiba Laptop. Secondly, from the multiple options, select the account whose password you want to recover.
  • The third step is to click on Reset. It will clear all the previous passwords from your laptop.
  • In the fourth step, click on the “Reboot” option. Now, just wait for the restart.
Reset the Password on Toshiba Laptop
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  • A small window will appear on your screen asking you to restart the computer. Unplug the media drive from your laptop before clicking Yes.
  • That’s it you will sign in to your Windows without a password after your Toshiba Laptop has restarted.

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How To reset the password on Toshiba Laptop Windows 10 without disk?

There are multiple ways to unlock the Toshiba Laptop. The most common way is by using the Command Prompt in Safe Mode. In this, you reboot your computer and open the command prompt. You give two commands, the first command of “net user” and the second command of “new password”. After giving commands, again restart your Toshiba Laptop and that’s it you can log in via a newly reset password.

How To Unlock Toshiba Laptop if you forgot the password?

There are multiple ways to unlock your Toshiba Laptop if you forgot the password. The three most common methods are:
By using Command Prompt in Safe Mode
Online Method to Reset Microsoft Password
By using the Windows Password Recovery Software

How to factory reset my Toshiba Laptop without CD/Disk?

To factory reset, press and hold the (zero) 0 Key on your keyboard. Hold the key until a recovery window appears on your screen. You might ask to confirm the operating system of your Windows. Click yes. Now choose the way of the recovery process. For example, Recovery of Factory Software in case you want to do a factory reset of your Toshiba Laptop.

So, that’s it for now. You can use the above-mentioned three easy solutions to reset the password on Toshiba Laptop without Disk. Hope our article here is helpful for you. Stay tuned for more informative posts like these.