Here’s how you can merge duplicate contacts in iPhone.

If you have had your iPhone for a while, your contact list may have become overloaded with duplicate contacts. When you need to locate a specific contact, it can be inconvenient to have to search through many entries belonging to the same person.

If the duplicate contacts have no relevant information, the best option is to delete them; if they do have important information, consider merging them into a single master contract that contains all of the details. Any method you choose should operate flawlessly and assist you in cleaning up your contact list from duplicate contacts.

Duplicate contact merging is a simple and quick operation that might help you navigate a large contact list. We will show you how to clean up duplicate contacts on your iPhone in this article. On the iPhone, we will also show you how to merge duplicate contacts.

1. Merge Duplicate contacts manually:

Link contacts is a new iPhone function released by Apple. It allows you to manually merge contacts on your iPhone. This method may be useful for removing duplicate iPhone contacts if you only have a few. When two contacts have different contact information for the same individual, link contact is a good solution.

  • Select the Phone icon from your iPhone’s Home Screen.
  • Select Contacts at the bottom of the page.
  • Find the duplicated contact you want to merge by scrolling through your contact list. To contact someone, click their name.
  • Tap Edit in the upper right corner of the contact screen. The link contacts.. option can be found at the bottom of the page, if you scroll down. On it, tap.
  • You will be directed to your contact list after tapping the link contacts option. Find the contact you want to merge with the one you are working on now.
  • Click the contact to open it after you have located it. To finish the merging, select the Link option in the top-right corner, then touch Done.
how to merge duplicate contacts in iPhone?

2. Merge Duplicate contacts via mac

If you have an iPhone and use a MacBook. Things are going to get better. Given that you have synchronized your iPhone contacts to your Mac computer, you can merge the duplicate contacts on your Mac by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the Contacts app on your Mac.
  • Select All Contacts from the left pane if it is not already.
  • On the menu bar, select Card, then Look for Duplicates.
  • A drop-down dialogue should appear, indicating the number of duplicate contacts. It should also indicate whether the duplicates have the same data but different names or the same name but different data. To join these contacts, use the merge button.

3. Merge Duplicate contacts in iPhone via the third-party app:

a) Cleaner

The cleaner will ask you to create an account before you can use its functions, but you do not have to:

  • To get a list of all duplicate names in your contacts, go to the home tab and touch Duplicate Contacts. You can also tap Duplicate Phones to get a list of duplicate numbers associated with certain names.
  • Select the contact name or phone number you would like to resolve. You can tap each instance to get the name’s contact details. If you want to get rid of some numbers, go to Edit and then to the red button next to the numbers you want to get rid of.
  • You can see how the contact will look once you have merged all of the contact information under Merged Contact.
  • After you have eliminated any old numbers, tap the orange Merge button to merge your contacts one by one. Tap the grey Merge All Duplicates button if you are certain that all duplicates need to be merged.

b) iPhone Transfer

The simplest method for merging iPhone contacts is to use an app to assist you in the process.

iPhone Transfer is a program that allows you to find and merge duplicate contacts. It is capable of handling your iPhone contacts.

  • You must Download and install iPhone Transfer on your PC. For Windows 10/8/7/XP and Mac OS, there is just one version available.
  •  Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cord, then open the iPhone Contact Manager.
how to merge duplicate contacts in iPhone?
  • Unfold the device name in the upper left corner and click Contacts on the left ribbon when the software registers your iPhone. You may access all contacts on iPhone by going to the right side. To open the editor, choose a contact and click Edit on the top ribbon.
  • Click the De-duplicate button at the top of the window if your iPhone has a lot of duplicate contacts. On the popup dialogue, select a match type and press Merge. The iPhone contact manager will then merge iPhone contacts based on the match type to eliminate them from iPhone contacts.
  • Remove your iPhone from your computer after it is finished.
how to merge duplicate photos in iPhone?

c) Dr. Fone Phone Manager

There are a plethora of iPhone contact merge apps. Dr.Fone – Phone Manager is one such application. You may use this software to discover and merge duplicate contacts on your iPhone. Download and install this app on your PC before connecting your iPhone via a USB cable. From the main menu, select “Phone Manager.” The application will detect the device that is connected. Select contacts and de-duplicate. Then select merge.

4. Merge Duplicate Contacts via iCloud:

iCloud provides a website for managing iPhone contacts in alphabetical order, allowing you to quickly identify duplicates. In addition, you can instantly remove many contacts on your iPhone with just one click.

  • Press the Enter key after typing into your browser’s address box.
  •  To access your iCloud account, first enter your Apple ID and password, then answer the security questions or enter the verification code sent to your iPhone.
  • Go to the next page by clicking “Contacts” on the home page. Then go through your iPhone contacts and remove any duplicates.
  • Select numerous contacts on your iPhone by pressing the “Ctrl” button on Windows/ “Cmd” button on Mac.
  • To delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone, open the “menu” button with the gear icon in the bottom left corner and press “Delete.”
  • After deleting a contact, you can check it by clicking “Refresh Contacts.

Also, read what Apple support has to say in this case:

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On my iPhone, how can I erase all duplicate contacts at once?

You can not delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone all at once, according to Apple. Yes, if you have a computer, you can clean your contacts. However, many iPhone owners do not own a Mac or a MacBook. The only option for those people is to download and use a third-party program.

Why do my phone’s contacts constantly duplicating, giving me multiples of the same person?

When your phone is set to show all contacts in the contacts management app and to sync contacts across accounts, this is what generally happens. You will not see duplicate contacts if you set the contact app to only show contacts from one source, such as Google, your phone, or your SIM card.

How do I restore contacts from iCloud to iPhone?

iCloud is the way to go if you have lost or deleted contacts on your iPhone and want to get them back. There are a few ways to retrieve missing, deleted, or unavailable contacts on your iPhone using iCloud, but only if you have an iCloud backup.

Want to recover lost photos from your iPhone? check out the link below to get back all your beautiful memories in a few simple steps:

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Bottom Line

So, that’s for all now. You can merge iPhone contacts on a computer using iCloud, combine contacts on a Mac using the Contacts app, or utilize Contact Link to merge contacts into one, however, this method only works for a limited number of contacts.

To merge contacts, you can also use third-party apps. Instead of allowing duplicate contacts to clutter your contact list, you can merge or delete them using the simple techniques outlined in this article.

We hope our article here helps you to merge duplicate contacts in iPhone to remove the excess koad from your device. If you like this post do tell us below in the comment section below. Also, stay tuned for more informative posts like these.