Have you recently downloaded a PDF document with a lot of blank or filler pages? Getting rid of them is undoubtedly on your mind. But how is this to be accomplished?

To delete individual pages from a PDF is surprisingly simple. Today, we will show you how to delete pages from a PDF on any desktop or mobile device using the methods outlined below

The word PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Pdf is a file format developed by Adobe in 1992 to deliver documents, including text formatting and graphics, in a way that is independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems. It is standardized as ISO 32000.

1. Use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox (PC)

Using nothing more than a web browser, you may easily erase individual pages from a PDF file on your PC. Printing the contents to a new PDF file while excluding the page or pages you do not want, is the approach we will try to achieve here. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox all have the same functionality.

  • To begin previewing the PDF file, simply drag & drop it into your web browser.
  • Then press the Print button and select the page ranges you want to print. Make sure to leave out the page or pages you want to get rid of.
  • In a 13-page document, for example, type 1-5, 8, 11-13 into the Pages field to remove pages 6, 7, 9, and 10.
  • Select Print or Save after setting the printer to Microsoft Print to PDF or Save as PDF.

2. Use PDF X(PC)

The Microsoft Store offers PDF X, a free PDF reader, and an editor. If you prefer not to interact with PDF files through your web browser, you can utilize PDF X to print contents to new files without any unwanted pages.

  • Select the Print icon from the app’s toolbar when viewing a PDF in PDF X.
  • Then, as the printer, select Microsoft Print to PDF (or any other PDF-related printer), define the pages you want to print, and then press the print button.

3. Use Preview App on a Mac

Individual pages can be deleted from PDF files using Mac’s native Preview software.

  • Simply open the PDF file in Preview to get started.
  • Then, from the sidebar, select a page you want to remove and then Edit > Delete.
  • While holding down the Command key, you can pick numerous pages in the sidebar and delete them all at the same time.
  • Select File > Save to save your modifications.
  • Hold down the Option key while selecting File > Save as to save the data to a new file if you wish to keep the current copy.

The Preview software can also be used to add pages to documents and annotate files, in addition to deleting PDF pages and so on.

4. Use The Files App(iPhone & iPad)

7 Ways to Delete Individual Pages From a PDF File - TricksEhow

You can delete pages from a PDF documents using the built-in Files app on an iPhone or iPad.

  • To begin previewing a PDF, tap on it in the Files app.
  • Then, click Print from the Share menu.
  • Then, from the preview box at the bottom of the screen, uncheck the pages you want to delete.
  • To switch to a new preview screen, pinch out on a page thumbnail page.
  • Finally, press the Share symbol and select Save to Files to save the contents of the edited PDF file to any folder in the Files app.

5. Use Google PDF Viewer (Android)

7 Ways to Delete Individual Pages From a PDF File - TricksEhow

You can delete individual pages from a PDF documents on Android using the built-in Google PDF Viewer.

  • Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the screen and choose Print while viewing the file.
  • Then uncheck the boxes next to the pages you wish to delete, select Save as PDF from the printer menu, and tap the Save icon.

Note that depending on the Android smartphone type and system software version, the instructions and button positions may vary.

6. By Using Adobe Acrobat (Mobile and Desktop) to delete individual pages from a PDF

You may rapidly erase any page from a PDF if you have the premium version of Adobe Acrobat on your PC or mobile device.

a) Adobe Acrobat – Desktop

Switch to the Tools tab in Adobe Acrobat and choose the Organize Pages option. After that, hover over the pages you wish to delete and select the Trash icon.

You can then choose File > Save to save the changes to the same file, or File > Save as to save the updated document as a new copy.

b) Adobe Acrobat – Mobile

In Adobe Acrobat, open the PDF file. Then, on the top-right of the screen, pick the three-dot icon. Choose Organize Pages from the list of tools that appear.

After that, select the page(s) you wish to trash and tap the Trash icon. To save your changes, tap Done at the end.

7. Online PDF Tools to delete Pages from a PDF

You can use an online PDF tool to delete individual pages from a PDF document if you are in a hurry and do not have time to fiddle with menus, toggles, and print options.

Using Smallpdf’s Delete PDF Page tool, for example, you can upload and remove the page(s). The changed PDF file can then be downloaded to local storage. Other tools, such as Sejda and PDF2GO, work similarly.

However, unless you switch to a subscription plan, practically every online application has limitations that prevent you from uploading or processing many files. It is also a good idea to avoid uploading PDF files containing sensitive information on the internet.


How to delete individual pages from a PDF?

Open the PDF, which pages you want to delete, in Acrobat.
Select the Organize Pages tool from the right menu pane.
Tap on a page thumbnail you want to delete and then click on the Delete icon to delete that specific page.
A confirmation dialog box will appear on the screen.
Save the PDF after confirmation.

Why can’t I delete pages from my PDF?

Navigate to Edit-Preferences and check in the Documents section if PDF/A View Mode is set to Always. If it is always, change it to Never. After this, try to delete pages.

How to delete page from a google document?

Firstly, click and drag your cursor to highlight the text or images you want to delete. Now press the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard. All that content along with the pages will be deleted.


Bottom Line

Unwanted pages in PDFs can be deleted to help decrease clutter and enhance readability. However, unless you already have a paid PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat, sticking to the native methods outlined above should suffice.

So, that’s it for now. Stay tuned to our website for more informative content like this.