Both iOS 15 and Android 12 have just been launched for Pixel devices, bringing them to a stable state. Before this, there were beta versions of both interfaces. The firms fine-tuned their operating systems before releasing them to the general public. We compared the two operating systems using a few parameters. Both Android and iOS have their own set of functions. Here’s how we compare Android 12 VS IOS 15 :

Android 12 VS IOS 15: Which is Ultimate OS

This android 12 VS iOS 15 review compares android features with iOS 15 and you will get the idea of which one is better.

Apps Stability and Fluidity

Android 12 and iOS 15 are a mixed bag when it comes to general fluidity.

  • Android 12: On the surface, Android 12 has a new appearance and feel, as well as redesigned Google apps. The calculator, settings menu, privacy, and gaming dashboards, among other stock Android apps, have been updated with rounded corners and a pie-chart-like presentation of various information.
  • iOS 15:
  •  When it comes to the already well-known iOS fluidity, iOS 15 is in a different league. Safari now has a new appearance that includes a bottom address bar, improved notifications, and an easy-to-use App Library. This is conceivable because Apple is one large closed ecosystem in which everything is interconnected.

Almost every software has a similar design and a certain amount of polish. But, at least on the surface, Android is catching up, and the consistency of both operating systems appears to be on par.

Android 12 VS. iOS 15 Updates

We move on from fluidity to updates. Apple’s iOS 15 is the clear victor here, with 5 years of updates included for all iPhones. While we expected Google to follow suit in the future, the new Pixel 6 phones will only receive three major Android updates.

Apple also wins in terms of consistency, as iOS 15 is released simultaneously on all supported Apple devices. With Android 12, you will have to wait for your OEM to release the upgrade, which might take months. You can get the Android 12 upgrade right now for your Pixel.

Android 12 VS iOS 15 games

For gamers, Android 12 introduces a slew of new features.

  • Android 12: You may now play games while game assets are being downloaded in the background thanks to the new “play as you download” functionality. In comparison to iOS, Android smartphones feature a wider library of higher-quality games. In its Game Dashboard, Google has also added features such as quick toggles for taking screenshots and turning off DND.
  • iOS 15:  Despite the iPhone’s powerful chip, there are no console-quality games. Instead, you get a dedicated Focus Mode for games and a Game Center for multiplayer.

Android 12 VS iOS 15 Pre-installed Apps

This time it is a bit of a mishmash. When comparing Pixels to iPhones, we can find that they are comparable. However, in the case of iOS 15 vs. Android 12, Apple has the advantage because Google does not control which apps come pre-loaded on every Android phone.

  • Android 12: Google Maps, YouTube, Contacts, Google Photos, Calendar, and other Google services come standard with Android devices. Android 12 does not allow you to remove all of the preloaded apps.
  • iOS 15: Apple TV, Music, Notes, and Wallet come pre-installed on all iOS devices. iOS 15 also allows you to delete anything from your iPhone.

Android 12 VS IOS 15 Privacy

In terms of privacy features, the latest Android and iPhone latest are finally neck-and-neck.

  • Android 12: With Android 12, Google added a new Privacy dashboard. From the dashboard, you can check your privacy, manage app permissions, and change your privacy preferences.
  • iOS 15:  iOS 15’s privacy features, on the other hand, are evenly distributed to cover more terrain. Users of iOS 15 may not only choose which apps they view, but they can also hide their email ID when signing up for apps, limit developer emails, and even remove trackers from their inbox. More iOS features, like Private Relay and App Privacy Report, help to make the experience even more secure.

As a first step towards less obtrusive tracking, both platforms have removed cookies from their default browsers.

Android 12 VS IOS 15 Digital Wellbeing Features

We have new issues including Zoom fatigue as a result of work-from-home settings and increased screen load. As a result, any operating system’s digital well-being should be a priority.

  • iOS 15: For a better experience, Apple has included features such as ‘Focus’ and ‘Do Not Disturb’ in iOS 15. You can also plan a summary of notifications so that you are not interrupted by pings throughout the day.
  • Android 12: You can create your routine on Android 12 with Digital wellbeing and parental controls. Google will also show you how to disconnect without missing critical information. As a result, Android and iOS are on a level playing field in this sense.

Android 12 VS iOS 15 Virtual Assistance

Fortunately, prominent voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri are available on both iOS and Android devices.

Android 12: Siri cannot compete with Google Assistant’s versatility. Google’s rapid phrases option guarantees that communication is swift and simple. In Google Assistant, for example, you do not need to say “Hey Google.”

iOS 15:  Siri is deficient in some areas. Siri, on the other hand, is suited for offline use because of its several privacy-related capabilities.

Unique features in Android 12

  • Options for Quick Setup: Quick setup lets them quickly locate necessary options such as Bluetooth, WiFi, and Airplane settings.
  • For Tablets, a Unique Taskbar: This Android 12 feature allows you to multitask more effectively.
  • Options for Animation: The most recent Android version improves animation rendering while maintaining performance.
Android 12 VS IOS 15

Unique iOS 15 features

  • Choices for Notification: Its newest filtering mode, Focus, provides personalized notifications based on your preferences.
  • Facetime: One of the most popular iOS 15 additions is FaceTime. It boasts cutting-edge features such as background noise reduction and speech and sound isolation. The use of portrait modes with blurred backgrounds is becoming increasingly common.
  • SharePlay: Apple has also incorporated SharePlay, which is a whole new function in this edition.
  • Child Safety features: Top features such as CSAM (Child sexual abuse material screening) and communication-related safety have also been added to the most recent iOS version.
Android 12 VS IOS 15

Which is Ultimate OS?

If comparing Android 12 on the Pixel 6 to iOS 15 on the iPhone 13, they are essentially equal. In terms of customizability, Android 12 trumps iOS, but iOS compensates for the lack of options with durability. Android is open and secure, but iOS is much more so, which is beneficial for those who are less tech-savvy and hence more vulnerable to scammers.

While Android is better for gaming, iOS provides a more consistent experience. Both operating systems are smooth, intuitive, and well-designed. So, if you are deciding between Android and iOS, I would say it comes down to personal preference and what you require from an operating system.

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Bottom Line

 I hope that Android vs iPhone has provided you with a thorough understanding of both of these popular operating. As previously said, choosing between these two OS is entirely dependent on your requirements. So, be sure to consider all of your options before making a decision, and bask in the glory of both of these top operating systems.