We have compiled a list of the best 10  hidden features in ios 15 in this post. Apple has officially released the version of iOS 15 for devices that support it. Apple has included numerous new features to the latest iOS release, including more natural video conversations in FaceTime, Focus mode, Live Text, Shared with Your updated Apple Maps, and more. Here are a few of iOS 15’s best-hidden features.

10 best Hidden Features in iOS 15

Before starting with hidden features in iOS 15, check out the 15 most powerful features in iOS 15 here.

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1. Use Share with You to quickly locate links, photos, and songs

On iOS 15, there are a few steps to follow in order to see all photos in a person’s message history.

You will very certainly send and receive a variety of links, song recommendations, photographs, and other material through Messages throughout the day. Before iOS 15, you would have to scroll back through your text messages to find a link or photo you had not checked out right away.

It is a lot easier to find the links and recommendations you have received and those shared with you. Apple’s Music, News, Podcasts, Photos, Safari web browser, and TV app all include sections that collect links and photos from Messages and let you check them out without having to search for them in the conversation.

2. Remove Home Screen Pages

Apple introduced App Library with iOS 14, which stores all of your apps. Apple made it possible for users to disable Home Screen pages that they no longer needed. The hidden Home Screen pages can be removed entirely in iOS 15. To accomplish this,

  • Press and hold any empty space on your Home Screen for a long time.
  • Above the dock, tap the dots.
  • Uncheck the box next to the Home screen page you want to delete.
  • Select the ‘-‘ sign from the top-left corner of the page.
  • Tap Remove
hidden features in iOS 15

3. Save Images in Messages Immediately

In iOS 15, Messages has a useful feature that saves you some taps. During a conversation, if someone sends you a photo, an icon will display next to it. If you tap it, that photograph will be saved to your Photos app right away. Before ios 15 updates, you have to select the photo, hit the Share icon, and then select Save Photo.

This new procedure, which just requires one touch, saves time and effort. You can immediately add photos to your Camera Roll, so it will not be too inconvenient if a buddy sends you multiple pictures that you want to save for later.

4. Translate Anywhere

Translate Anywhere is another one of the best-hidden features in iOS 15. Text can be translated almost anywhere using iOS 15. You can translate text in nearly any app where you can select text.

Simply press and hold a block of text to bring up the text selection box, then drag the start and endpoints to copy/paste the text. A new Translate option has been added to the small popup menu (in some apps you might have to hit the right arrow to see more options).
You will be notified that the text will be transferred to Apple for translation processing. When you tap Continue, a pop-up card appears with the translated text and options to copy it, change languages, and so on.

5. Send an Away Message during driving

In iOS 15, Apple added a Focus feature set to encourage better sleep, driving, and other habits. Whether or not you use Apple Watch features like Bedtime, Focus’ driving mode can help you avoid distractions while driving. While the simple version of the driving Focus silences your notifications and prevents you from using your phone while driving, you can also notify your contacts that you are a responsible driver who will contact them when you are ready. Toggle on and personalize your message under Settings > Focus > Driving > Auto-Reply. Contacts can still send urgent SMS, but they will know you are not ignoring them if you do not respond.

6. Apps Can Be Installed Without Opening the App Store

Another useful feature of Spotlight Search in iOS 15 is that it allows you to install games and other programs without going via the App Store. Swipe down from the Home or Lock screen, or from the Notification Center, and then search for the app you wish to install. The installation will begin after you tap the download icon.

For us, this really deserves to be on the list of 10 best-hidden features in iOS 15.

7. In Safari, you can see a live text from your camera.

Live Text is a fantastic feature in iOS 15. It simplifies text copying. Do you have any idea that you can use Live Text to open the website and emails directly?

  • On your iPhone, open Safari.
  • First of all tap the address bar and then Select Text from Camera
  • Scanning of the website’s address will start.
  • After scanning, it will open the website in Safari right away. For a rapid web search, you can scan any text.

8. Without unlocking the phone, use Spotlight.

From your iPhone’s Home screen, Spotlight Search allows you to find apps, messages, and even search the web. To use the functionality in iOS 15, you do not even have to enter your passcode. Spotlight Search is activated by swiping down on your lock screen. You can then type in whatever you want to search. You may still need to unlock your phone to get results in some apps, such as Safari, but you can search quickly.

hidden features in iOS 15

9. Set different text sizes for each app

Each app on iOS 15 can have its own font size. You can, for example, make the text size larger in reading apps and small (or default) in others. This will be accomplished by:

  • Select Control Center from the Settings menu.
  • Next to Text Size, click the ‘+‘ button.
  • Open the app where you wish to modify the font size.
  • Select ‘App’ only from Control Center.
  • Then, depending on your preferences, reduce or raise the text size.

10. Safari can have a Backdrop image

Another one of the hidden features in iOS 15 is that Safari can have a backdrop image.

On iOS 15, you can even customize the backdrop of the Safari app. To do so,

  • In Safari, open a new tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Edit.
  • Toggle on Background Image and pick the wallpaper you want. Note that you can also use the Photos app to import backgrounds.
hidden features in iOS 15

FAQs of Best 10 hidden features in iOS 15

What is the procedure for downloading iOS 15?

Check if iOS 15 is available for your iPhone. If the iOS 15 update is available, go to Settings > General > Software Update and hit Download and Install.

In iOS 15, how can I use cross-app drag & drop?

To use the drag and drop feature on your iPhone, update to iOS 15. To choose something from the source app, long-press on a text, URL, image, or document. Drag and drop the chosen content onto the destination app’s suitable area.

On my iPhone, how do I turn off auto-updates?

Tap Settings > General > Software Update if you wish to turn off the automatic software update feature. After that, go to Automatic Updates and disable the feature by tapping the toggle next to Automatic Updates.

On the iPhone, how do I update apps?

Open the App Store app and tap your profile image or icon to manually update apps. Locate the app you would like to update and tap Update under the Available Updates section. Toggle the switch next to App Updates to turn on automatic app updates in Settings > App Store > Automatic Downloads.

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Bottom Line

So there you have it: some of the coolest iOS 15 hidden features, tips, and hacks you can try right now on your iPhone. There are some extremely cool hidden features in iOS 15 that you will not notice when you install the latest software update on your iPhone. These useful iOS 15 features will undoubtedly make your life easier. Do tell us what hidden features in iOS 15 you like more than others. Also, stay tuned for more informative posts like these.