For someone who loves writing, you might be thinking that it is time for you to start your blog. And for that, the very first thing you need is a “Platform.”

There are multiple blogging platforms available, but what to choose when they all are good as hell? Well, don’t worry, that is where we can help.

One of the most important things to consider while choosing a platform is WHAT you are looking for, and once you know exactly what benefits you want from a particular platform, it becomes easy for you to choose the best one.

What Basic Features Should A Blogging Platform Have?

There are certain aspects that one should consider while choosing a blogging platform. Let’s have a look.

Is it Beginner –Friendly?

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing a blogging platform is whether it is easy to use or not. A good blogging platform should be user-friendly. It should be understandable to anyone who doesn’t know much about technical skills.

Connect to A Larger Audience

No matter what niche you are writing for, your primary concern is to reach out to people. The more people it guides towards your blog, the more your blog will grow.

Is There a Room To Grow?

While choosing a blogging platform, look to whether there is room to grow or not. Now, as a beginner, you might not be thinking about making money yet, but it might be something that you would love to do in the future.

So look for the best blogging platform that allows you to put ads on your blogs.

Based on the features discussed above, we have come up with 2 of the best blogging platforms you should choose if you’re thinking about starting your blog.

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WordPress is one of the most famous blogs that draws more than a million readers. So it means if you are thinking about using WordPress to start your blog, there are chances for your ideas to reach out to millions of people.

However, if you are thinking about using ads on your blog, WordPress might not be your thing. Because it doesn’t allow ads on free accounts

Another drawback of WordPress could be it’s a bit complex dashboard. However, that can be ignored because once you get to about the know-how of WordPress, it will be pretty easy for you to master it.

Don’t confuse and as one. Check out the difference here.



Whether you want to edit your portfolio, home page, or about us page, it is pretty easy to do it with Squarespace. The mechanism is pretty simple, “Drag” and “Drop.”

A benefit you get from Squarespace that you don’t get from WordPress is that you can see the changes you are making any changes.

Moreover, there are many built-in features to add that can help you grow your business.

One con of using Squarespace is that you can’t do the overall customization of your profile. If you want to, then you have to buy the business plan.

Many people have found the mobile editor in Squarespace quite annoying, proving that this platform isn’t user-friendly.

Final Words

Before you start your hunt for the best blogging platform, it very essential to know what you want in the platform.

Whether you want it to be user-friendly, offer a room to grow, allow connecting with a greater audience. Once you know what your expectations are, it becomes pretty easy for you to choose the one.

WordPress is what you need if you want the best blogging platform that can help you connect with many people. However, if you are looking for a platform that is easy to use, and offers a chance to grow your business, then go for Squarespace,

So which blogging platform are you going to choose?