To download Movie subtitles along with the movie is like a dream for all of us. Because not all of us can understand every language of the world. Just because we could not grasp the language we are cutting ourselves off from a wealth of intriguing films and series from all over the world.

There is a plethora of unique content from cultures we are unfamiliar with. With each passing day, though, something shifted as the internet shrank the planet.

The emergence of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime forced consumers to pay attention to foreign cinema, which had previously been overlooked.

Internet has made it easy to watch movies of Different Cultures and Countries

The idea of being completely immersed in a story won over among moviegoers, and the language barrier was swiftly overcome thanks to the availability of subtitles in a variety of languages.

A film buff who does not speak French, Spanish, or any other language can now see a French, Spanish film with an English subtitle. Many additional films, in a variety of languages, can be regarded to be similar.

Some people still dread going to the movies if they have to read the subtitles that appear on the screen below them. If you can get past the invisible barrier of subtitles, you will find yourself in front of a massive gallery of high-quality, bold films from around the world.

The Best Sites To Download Movie Subtitles for Free

It is not uncommon for a film to simply lack a subtitle file or subtitles in a language you can understand. Fortunately, there are a plethora of online services from where you can download movie subtitles. It is simple to locate and download the movie subtitles you are looking for. We will look at some of the greatest websites for downloading movie subtitles for free in this article.

1- OpenSubtitles to get Movie Subtitles

For a large database of subtitle files in several languages, this is the best option.

OpenSubtitles is a massive database with subtitles for thousands of films from all over the world. Needless to say, you will be able to obtain subtitles for your movie in a variety of languages.

Download Movie Subtitless
  • The UI has been greatly improved, and the clumsy previous version has been replaced with a lighter, more responsive version.
  • The site also offers a very user-friendly and advanced search bar that allows you to look for subtitles by title, release date, and genre.
  • Furthermore, the site has ‘multi-search capabilities,’ which means you may look for multiple subtitles at the same time.


  • Search Bar with More Options
  • Subtitles from a large library
  • Various languages are available.
  • Available as a Chrome addon

Look out for following cons:

  • The UI is still cluttered with text in tiny font, despite its improvements. If you have vision issues, this can be a concern.
  • Furthermore, the site is infested with adware, which may irritate certain users.

2- Podnapisi to download Movie Subtitles for free

Podnapisi is the best site for the most up-to-date subtitles for movies and television shows. Podnapisi’s UI, in comparison to OpenSubtitles, is far more inviting. It is simple and thorough, with everything you will need right at your fingertips.

It is also a site that is always getting new subtitles for the newest movies and TV shows. Subtitles for recently released films and television episodes can be found right on the home page. You can use its advanced search box to look for a different title.

Download Movie Subtitles for free

With the use of a thorough search filter, you can simply locate what you are looking for by searching for titles based on their release year, genre, or season number.

The application does, however, include a clever Global language filter that allows you to specify your chosen subtitle language and only see results in that language.


  • Global Language Filter
  •  Advanced Search Bar
  • Clean UI

Downside of Pdnapisi is:

Unfortunately, Podnapisi does not appear to be a haven for the titles of most films or television episodes. Podnapisi has a smaller collection of subtitles for movies and TV shows than its predecessor on this list.

3- English Subtitles for Movies Subtitles for Free

English Subtitles are the best site to get English subtitles for movies and TV shows.

The site’s extremely elegant and modern UI design is the first thing that draws you in. Aside from that, it’s an incredible online repository of English subtitle files. Subtitles for a wide range of international films and television series can be found here.

English subtitiles to dpwnload movie Subtitles for free

Some of the most recently published subtitle files for films and TV series meet you right away. The site has a very minimalistic appearance, in addition to having a slick layout. Because of its comprehensive search bar, finding subtitles for your favorite movies or TV shows is a breeze.


  • UI with a modern feel
  • Subtitles for films and TV series are available in a large database.
  • Search box with more options

Downside of English Subtitles Website

However, only English subtitles are available on this website. As a result, anyone looking for subtitles in a language other than English will be disappointed. English subtitle files, on the other hand, are available for a wide range of films, both domestic and foreign.

4- Subscene to download Movie Subtitles

Subscene is the best site to get and submit subtitles for television shows and movies.

Subscene is a website that permits you to join an online community that shares subtitle files for a variety of current and old film and television titles from across the world. As a result, it is an excellent resource for locating subtitles for films that are otherwise difficult to locate.

download movie subtitles

Subtitle files for many major films and television shows are available on the site in numerous global languages. You can request a subtitle in any language and for any movie. A flurry of user reviews placed on the site might also help you judge the quality of a subtitle file.


  • Subtitle files for TV shows and movies can be downloaded from an online community.
  • Device database with several languages.
  • Bar for Advanced Search
  • Subtitle file reviews are welcome.

5- YIFY for Movie Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is the best place to watch movies and TV shows with subtitles in multiple languages.

One of the most popular websites for subtitles is YIFY Subtitles. It is also a place where you can find subtitles for practically all currently available movies and TV episodes. YIFY subtitles will almost certainly have a subtitle for each given title. Its primary attraction is this.

Download movie subtitles for free

The website also offers a sleek, easy-to-navigate design. The subtitle files are well-organized, and you can quickly locate what you are searching for by using the search bar or filtering the titles by genre, release date, or name.


  • Subtitles in many languages with a sleek and modern UI.
  • Filters for smart searches

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Where I can movie download subtitles for free?

You can download movie subtitles for free from the following platforms:
Open Subtitles.
Subtitle Seeker.
YIFY Subtitles.
TV Subs

How can I download English Subtitles?

If you want to download movies subtitles for free in English then “English Subtitles” is the best website where you can find just English language subtitles for any movie or TV show.

Where I can watch movies online with subtitles?

Cmovies, F movies, YIFY are some platforms where you can almost any movie or TV show online with subtitles in English or multiple other languages including Spanish, French, Arabic, etc.

How can I turn on the subtitle?

No matter which platform you are using to download the movie subtitles for free you just have to click on Menu > Setting> and Subtitles to turn on the subtitles.

Bottom Line

So, that’s it for now. We have told you about the 5 best websites from where you can download movie subtitles for free and in good quality.

Pro-Tip For You:
First and foremost, go to a site with a strong reputation, or you may find up to a site that instead of downloading a subtitle file, install malware on your computer.
Look for a site that provides subtitles for the same movie in different languages and formats, so you can immediately test another if the one you just downloaded does not work

Let us know if you have any other queries in your mind we will be glad to help you. Also, stay tuned for more informative posts like this.