To blur your background on a Facetime call in iOS 15 is now easy more than ever! Every FaceTime caller has a selection for how they want their call to be handled. In some cases, the user will want others to be able to see them and their surroundings.

Others, on the other hand, prefer that all attention be focused on them alone. The Portrait Mode on FaceTime is a function that Apple has supplied to assist the latter group in achieving their goal. Apple’s new iOS 15, which was announced earlier and released later, has a Portrait mode.

Portrait Mode is one of the most popular iPhone features in recent memory. It blurs out your surroundings and softly highlights your face with only a tap, making for stunning selfies.

It seems only obvious that Apple would add Portrait Mode to FaceTime, a program that encourages you to stare directly into the camera.

FaceTime now has Portrait Mode, which makes you seem better than ever while video-chatting. It also adds backdrop blurring, which is common in other video-chatting apps.

It is a step toward making FaceTime more appealing to everyone and more appropriate for work use. Here’s what you need to know about FaceTime’s Portrait Mode.

  • When it comes to video chats, which iPhone models support Portrait Mode?
  • How to blur your background on a Facetime Call in ios 15
  • How to make any video calling app on iOS 15 have a blurred background

Which iPhone or iPad Models Supports Portrait Mode?

Any iPhone or iPad running the A12 Bionic CPU or newer will be able to use Portrait Mode on FaceTime. You will need iPhone 12 series, 11 series, SE 2020, XS series.

As a result, you will not be able to use blurred backdrops on video conversations if you have an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or earlier. Read along if you have a suitable device. If you have an A12-powered device and want to try out new FaceTime capabilities, you may install the iOS 15 developer beta on it.

The iPad mini (fifth generation or later), iPad Air (third generation or later), iPad (eighth generation or later), or any iPad Pro model are all required.

How to Blur Your Background on a FaceTime Call in iOS 15?

Portrait mode allows individuals you are contacting to see you well, so you may be virtually anywhere or have almost anything behind you without disrupting your video discussion, whether it is a business call or a personal one. You can use Memojis, filters, stickers, and text during your FaceTime call even if Portrait mode is turned on. As a result, you may use the same exciting features for your call while also blurring your background.

FaceTime has two methods for enabling Portrait mode.

1. Before a Facetime Call

You can prepare ahead of time by turning on Portrait mode if you are the one making the FaceTime call.

  • Swipe up on your iPhone’s Control Center to display the FaceTime app.
  • In the top left, tap Video Effects.
  • Portrait mode is activated by tapping the Portrait icon.
  • After that, swipe out of Control Center to return to FaceTime and make your call.

2. During Facetime Call

  • You can quickly engage Portrait mode while on the receiving end of a FaceTime video chat.
  • In the corner, tap your camera’s thumbnail.
  • In the larger view that appears, tap the Portrait icon in the top left corner. The icon should have a white outline and your background should blur.
  • By tapping the arrows in the top right, you can return your camera view to a thumbnail.

You can then carry on with your FaceTime conversation without worrying about what is going on in the background that your caller can see. The Portrait Mode effect will be applied, and your face will be in focus while the background is hazy.

How To Turn off Portrait Mode?

If you want to switch off Portrait mode

  • Tap your thumbnail
  •  Then tap the Portrait icon
  • Now you portrait mode is turned off.

How to enable Portrait mode in any video calling app on ios 15?

I demonstrated how to enable “Portrait Mode” for FaceTime calls in this post, this functionality is also available for other iPhone video chatting apps. If you use WhatsApp or Instagram to make a video call, using the same processes as before, you can then switch the functionality on or off.  Apple has added portrait mode for video conversations to the Control Center. To  make backdrop blurring in video calling apps, follow these steps:

1-Open the Control Center during a video conference using any app. To achieve this,

  • Swipe down the top-right corner of an iPhone with Face ID enabled.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the Touch ID device.

2-The Video Effects tile can be accessed by long-pressing it or by 3D touching it.

3-To blur your video’s background, select the Portrait symbol.

4-Return to the call by tapping anywhere in the space.


On FaceTime, how can you remove background noise?

If you have iOS 15, you can shut out background noise using the voice isolation function. Toggle the Mic Mode to Voice Isolation, start a FaceTime call, and activate Control Center.

On FaceTime, how can I increase the volume of the background?

The Wide Spectrum feature in iOS 15 allows you to increase ambient noise during a FaceTime call. Toggle the Mic Mode to Wide Spectrum when on a FaceTime call by opening Control Center.

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Bottom Line

So, that’s it for now. Now you can easily blur your background on a facetime call in iOS 15. Portrait Mode or background blur in video calls is a fantastic addition. It enhances video calling and closes the gap between FaceTime and other video calling apps like Zoom.

FaceTime gets a few new capabilities in iOS 15, including SharePlay, enhanced Mic control, and the option to call Android or Windows users. You now know how to use Portrait mode in FaceTime and other third-party apps to blur the background while on a video conversation.

So, the next time your bedroom is a mess, your iPhone should be able to help you to some level. However, if your internet connection is slow, the backdrop blur may not produce the intended results, so keep that in mind.