Looking for ways to convert AAX to MP3 for free? Are you a music listener from Audible.com or iTunes store? Want to download your favorite audiobook from Audible to listen to it whenever you want?. But do remember that when you download an audiobook file, it always downloads in AAX or AAXC format because Audible only gives that format. What should you do then? Well, you have to convert AAX to MP3 format to make it listenable on your device.

So, if you don’t know how to convert AAX to MP3 format don’t worry! We are here with a complete guideline for your o convert AAX to MP3 files easily in just a few steps. Now, without any further ado let’s get started:

Why Convert AAX to MP3?

When you download audiobooks from Audible, it will always download in AAX which is a multimedia digital format. These files are protected with digital rights management technology, DRM by Amazon. Due to this protection, ­you won’t be able to playback these audiobooks if you don’t have an authorized PC or you are not an authorized player.

If you are not fond of Audible’s native media player and You want to listen to your downloaded audiobook to the other platform like on your favorite MP3 player, which offers you its great features, then you have to convert AAX to MP3 files.

How to Convert AAX to MP3 files Online Free?

For converting your AAX files to MP3 files, there are both free and paid software from which you can convert it easily. So, let’s discuss the ways in which you can convert your files.

1.   Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter is used worldwide. But it is only for windows. It is a free audio converter to convert AAX to MP3. You can use it online also, so you don’t have to download or install it. By using Online Audio Converter, you can also upload files from the use of Dropbox, Google Drive, and URL.

 It is perfect for converting small files. It can convert 14 minutes files in just 5 seconds because of its fast converting speed. From the following steps you can convert AAX file to MP3 using Online Audio Converter:

Steps to convert AAX to MP3 files Online for free

  • Download and install the Online Audio Converter.
  • If you don’t have Audible Manager then install that too.
  • After installing is completed, open the Online Audio converter and sign in to your audible account.
How to Convert AAX to MP3 for free? - TricksEhow
  • Copy your AAX file and paste it into the interface of AAX Audible Convert.
  • Choose your output format and the location of the output file.
  • Just click on the Convert option. Conversion will be started you’ll get be notified when the conversion is completed.

2.   Convertio; free AAX to MP3 Converter

Convertio is one of the popular online tools for converting your file. It is a free tool and you also don’t need it to download and install, you just use it online. It is perfect for converting your small AAX files to MP3 for free. It restricts the conversion of 100 MBs files or less. Here are the steps to convert AAX to MP3 files for free:

Steps to convert AAX files to MP3 using Convertio

  • Open Google, search for the Convertio website, and go to the website.
  • Click on the Add button and choose your AAX file.
  • Choose the output format of MP3.
  • Click on Convert and the conversion is started.

3.   Tune Pat Any Audiobook Converter

Tune Pat Any Audiobook Converter is available for both Windows and Mac versions. It converts files in M4A/M4B/MP3 and offers a 60x faster converter speed. It is suitable for large audiobook files. It is also a paid plan worth $19.95 per month and you can use a free trial also.

4. Open Audible: AAX to MP3 online converter

Open Audible is not just the Audiobook converter but also an Audible manager. It is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux versions. It also allows you to split audiobook chapters and you can download files and can get all the files in one location using Open Audible. It converts files M4A/M4B/MP3. You can get their paid plan worth $19.

Convert Your Audio Files to your favorite format

After you did the conversion of your audiobook files, you might be going to look to the music collection to convert it to that format as well. Whether you want to convert your file in MP3 or FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec) format, you can easily convert your files by using third-party tools


I found my audiobook file is downloaded in AAXC format on my android Audible app. Is it possible to convert it?

Audible App downloads its files in AAXC format. If you use win 10 to download these files again then they will be downloaded in AAX format. After that, it will not a problem to convert it into MP3 format.

How can I convert AAX to MP3 online?

You can use the Convertio website to convert AAX files to MP3 online.

Can we convert AAX to MP3 for free?

Yes, you can use Online Audio Converter to convert your AAX file to MP3 because it is a free tool for you. To use this tool, you just have to download and install it, drag and drop your file to the interface of Audible Converter and just click on the Convert button. Now your file is converted into MP3 format.

How can I convert an audiobook to MP3?

To convert an audiobook to MP3 format, right-click on the audiobook title and choose the option of Convert to MP3. After conversion completes, you will find your audiobook in the output folder but it requires the user’s Audible account to process the user’s Audible audiobook.

How to open AAX files in Windows?

iTunes, Apple iPod, Creative Zen, Microsoft Zune, and the Amazon Kindle 2 can all play AAX files. It is necessary to have an Audible account and pay a small membership charge in order to listen to improved audiobooks on compatible devices.

Can I convert AAX file to MP3 on Mac?

Yes, you can convert AAX files to MP3 on Mac. Add an AAX audio file to the main interface of Epubor Audible Converter. Then, select the option  “Convert to MP3,” and choose “M4B” from the drop-down menu. Then, to begin the conversion, click “Convert to M4B.” The converted audio book would be in DRM-free m4b form once completed.

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Bottom Line

For now, this is it. So, let me know Which converter has a good experience with you in converting your AAX files to MP3? And which converter do you want to refer others to? Tell us in the comment section below.