To delete a retweet on Twitter is not easy for most of the Twitter users out there. Also, if you are new to Twitter you may find it hard to use this app, let alone deleting tweets.

With millions of users throughout the world, Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging sites. The platform is particularly well-suited to breaking and disseminating real-time news. A tale may be told in 280 characters on Twitter. On Twitter, you can like, retweet, and post tweets with a single click. But deleting those is not that easy. That’s what we will talk about today in our article here. So, stick to the end for step by step guide.

What is a Retweet?

A Retweet is a re-posting of a Tweet in its most basic form. You can erase something from your Twitter timeline if you mistakenly tweeted something you do not want your Twitter followers to view.

A retweet, on the other hand, does not have its own delete tweet button, but you can undo a retweet and have it removed from your profile. Retweets are identifiable by the Retweet icon and the name of the person who Retweeted the Tweet, which is displayed alongside the author’s name and username.

How to delete a retweet or delete all retweets on Twitter?

So, have you made a mistake and retweeted the wrong tweet, or are you attempting to delete all retweets from your profile? Whatever the case may be, knowing how to delete a Twitter retweet will suffice. Because Twitter lacks a distinct retweet delete button, erasing retweets can be a difficult chore for some.

To delete a retweet on a desktop or mobile device, follow the instructions below :

  • Open the Twitter mobile app or go to on your desktop.
  • Open your Twitter account and log in.
  • Go to your personal profile page where you have retweeted the tweet.
  • Scroll down to the retweeted tweet you would like to delete.
  • The green Retweet Icon should be tapped.
  • Select the option undo retweet.

Your followers will no longer be able to view those deleted retweets on your Twitter timeline.

Does twitter delete all retweets at once?

There is no way to delete retweets in bulk on Twitter.

Using retweet deleter apps like CircleBoom and Tweetdeleter, you can still remove all retweeted messages from your Twitter profile.

However, employing such Retweet deleter programs to remove all retweets will necessitate upgrading to their premium services.

delete a retweet on twitter

Is there any feature to remove multiple tweets at once?

Since it is usually a headache to delete several retweets at once, Twitter does not give any ability to view tweets based on types of tweets, retweets, or replies. If you have a large number of retweets to delete, manually deleting them one at a time will take too long.

Retweet deleter tools, on the other hand, will search your Twitter profile for you and make your job easier. But there is a tool that you can use to delete multiple retweets at once.

All retweets can be deleted with a single click using a third-party Twitter management application like Circleboom. Following the procedures below, first, download your Twitter archive using the approach.

  • Authenticate your Twitter account and log in to the Circleboom dashboard.
  • Once logged in, pick “My Tweets” from the Circleboom menu on the left, then “Delete Old Tweets.” To get started, go to a new page and click Start here.
  • After that, you will be taken to a screen where you can upload your Twitter history. To upload the archive, simply drop your file or click the Upload button
How To Delete a Retweet on Twitter Easily - TricksEhow
  • Three checkboxes will appear on the next screen, allowing you to select all tweets, retweets, and responses. To eliminate just retweets, choose the tick next to them and uncheck the others.
  • To delete retweets in bulk, click “Approve.”

How to Delete Retweets from a range of dates?

Using the same app;

  • To delete tweets from a specific time period, pick the “Start Date” and “End Date.”
  • To delete retweets in bulk from the specified time period, click Approve.

How to Delete Retweets that Include Specific Keywords, Usernames, or Hashtags?

You can also delete tweets with certain keywords, users, or hashtags using the Twitter archive with the same app/website Clickboom.

  • Go to “Any keyword/username/hashtag search” after following the steps above.
  • In the search box, type in your term.
  • Circleboom will delete all retweets from twitter that contain the keyword.

When you are finished, it will delete all of the retweets you have selected all at once. Take aware that deleted retweets cannot be recovered, so exercise caution when using this program.

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What if you are facing trouble in deleting some of your old retweets?

Sometimes, you may not be able to erase a few lingering retweets or Twitter likes using third-party tools or the Twitter app itself in some unusual circumstances. And some of the users are asking queries like the ones below.

  • Why can not I delete old tweets from my timeline?
  • Why can not I delete some of my retweets and Twitter likes from my timeline, even if they are still visible in my Twitter timeline feed?
  • Why are my retweet and like heart buttons grey and not allowing me to unretweet or unlike it?

Even in your Twitter app, Twitter will not let you delete some old Retweets or Twitter likes. The retweet and Twitter-like buttons are greyed out and can not be clicked.

Twitter’s back-end systems are based on a distributed cluster of fragmented services, which is the root of the problem. Data sets must frequently resynchronize between instances and data centers. This means that all user data is constantly transferred between server farms, and certain data servers may update later than others.

If you are having trouble with this, we suggest using Twitter’s own Tweetdeck to erase certain types of retweets and Twitter likes.

To delete all retweets and Twitter likes from Tweetdeck, follow these four simple steps:

  • Connect your Twitter account to Tweetdeck in step one.
  • Pick a Twitter timeline feed that you like:
  • Open an enlarged options menu by clicking the three dots.
  • Select “Undo Retweet” from the drop-down menu. This final step will erase any old (retweets) from your timeline.

Do the same if you wish to get rid of any old (unused) Twitter likes. Rather than the three dots, click the red heart.


How can I delete retweets for everyone?

Retweets are disabled for everyone, which means no one can retweet your tweets. Click More > Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Mute and Block > Muted Words to disable the feature. Now, click the Plus sign, type “RT @” into the box, and click Save. The retweet option will be disabled for all users.

Is it possible for someone to see when you delete a retweet?

No, when you erase a retweet, it vanishes from your profile and is not visible to your followers on your timeline. The original Tweet, however, will remain unaffected.

Why I can’t see the Retweet I sent?

You may not see your retweets for a variety of reasons, including the author’s deletion of the original tweet or suspension or deletion of the author’s account. Your retweets will be hidden in such circumstances.

The Bottom Line

So, that’s it for now. You can delete your retweets either using a third-party app called Clickboom or twitter’s own Twitter deck. Or you can undo the retweet from the Twitter app itself.

I hope our article here will be helpful to you in erasing your retweets. let us know if you are using any other app to delete retweets on Twitter. Also, stay tuned to our website for more informative content like this.