This article will show how to find the MAC address on an iphone. But first of all, you need to know what is mac address is. A MAC (or Media Access Control) address is a set of unique codes that a network device is issued to identify on the network. On an Internet connection network, MAC addresses are commonly used to establish security protocols. Because iPhones can connect to these networks, they have their own MAC address, which is easy to locate on the device.

You could require your iPhone or iPad’s MAC address for a variety of reasons. It could be to monitor your home network’s data usage. You will always require the MAC address of the device you wish to prioritize when configuring a Quality of Service (QoS) filter on your router. Do you want to limit access to your network to a specific device? The MAC address of the device could be required by your router.

Let us look at how to find the MAC address on an iPhone.

How to find the MAC address on an iphone?

First of all, the question that arises is where do I look for the MAC Address?

The MAC address may be found in two locations, both of which are in the settings app. You may get the MAC address in your Wi-Fi settings by checking your current Wi-Fi network data if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Regardless of whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or not, you will find your iPhone’s MAC address listed in the general settings. In spite of these two locations of the mac address, here are several ways to find the mac address on an iPhone. 

Find the MAC address on an iphone from wifi settings

You may find your MAC address by visiting your Wi-Fi settings if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. In the information of your current Wi-Fi network, you will find it displayed as the Wi-Fi address. Your iPhone has a fixed MAC address that you can see if you switch off the Private Address setting. When you connect to a different Wi-Fi network with the Private Address toggle on, you will see a different Wi-Fi Address shown.

  • Here’s how to find the  MAC address on an iphone using Wi-Fi settings
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Wi-fi
  • Next to your current Wi-Fi network, tap the info (i) icon.
  • In the Wi-Fi Address field, you will see your MAC address.
How To Find the Mac Address on an iPhone? - TricksEhow
  • In the Wi-Fi Address field, you will see your MAC address.

The Wi-Fi Address field will display a unique MAC address that is only used with the current Wi-Fi network if the Private Address toggle is turned on. Turn the Private Address toggle off to display your phone’s true MAC address.

Find the MAC address on an iphone in General Settings

In the about part of the iPhone’s general settings menu, you can also find the MAC address on an iPhone. Whether or not you have access to Wi-Fi, this option is available.

Here’s how to find the MAC address on your iPhone in the general settings menu:

  • Select  General in Settings.
  • Select About from the dropdown menu.
  • Go to the bottom of the page.
  • In the Wi-Fi Address field, you will see your MAC address.
How To Find the Mac Address on an iPhone? - TricksEhow

If you are not connected to Wi-Fi, the address you see is the MAC address of your phone. This field displays the unique MAC address that your phone exclusively uses with the current network if you are connected to Wi-Fi and have the Private Address option enabled.

Check your router’s app to find the MAC address on an iphone

You should be able to check your iPhone’s MAC address using your Wi-Fi router’s iOS app if it has one. The steps for determining your iPhone’s MAC address using a router app may differ based on the brand, model, and design, interface, or version of your router. Despite this, we are certain that the device administration menu of your router’s app will provide you with the information you require. Select your iPhone from the list of connected devices on your Wi-Fi router. Look for a MAC address field, which is an alphanumeric combination of twelve characters, on the device information page.

Find the MAC address Using Your Smart Home App

You should be able to check the MAC addresses of devices connected to the router if you have connected the router to your smart home app. The software features a section called “Device information” that shows the IP address and MAC address of all devices connected to the Wi-Fi router.

Connect your iPhone to your home network and navigate to the settings or device management menu in your smart home app.

Find the MAC Address on an iPhone using a Web browser

You can control how devices interact with your network using the administrative console on your router. You may modify your network settings, turn off internet access, look up the MAC addresses of connected devices, and so on.

Learn how to access the admin panel by reading the router’s instruction manual or contacting the manufacturer. To access the router’s administrative credentials, go to a unique IP address in your web browser (i.e., username and password).

To see what devices are connected to the network, go to “WLAN Settings,” “Wi-Fi Settings,” “Wi-Fi Status,” or “Device Management.” Check the MAC Address of your iPhone in the list.

It is worth noting that we can not give you an exact list of how to get into the admin panel of your router. Because the procedure varies depending on the model of your router, the admin panel gateway, and your internet service provider.

Is the MAC Address of an iPhone the same as the Wi-Fi Address?

Wi-Fi address and MAC address are interchangeable on an iPhone. Networked devices are identified by their MAC addresses, which are unique numbers. These numbers are assigned by device manufacturers, and each one is unique. While there are specific circumstances in which a MAC address can be changed, MAC addresses are intended to be static and unique.

Because your iPhone features a Private Address option that enhances security and privacy, Apple refers to it as Wi-Fi Address. While your phone’s MAC address remains constant, enabling the Private Address option forces it to use a different address with each Wi-Fi network. This makes tracking your activity across networks more challenging for network managers.


On an iPhone, how can I look up a Chromecast’s MAC address?

To set up your Chromecast and find the MAC address on an iphone, open the Google Home app on your iPhone. Select it from your Google Home household once your Chromecast is connected. To find your Chromecast’s MAC address, navigate to Settings > Device information > Technical information.

Before connecting to Wi-Fi, how can I find the MAC address of a Chromecast?

Connect your Chromecast to a personal hotspot on another device if you need the device’s MAC address to connect it to your network. In the Google Home app on your primary iPhone, follow the initial setup instructions for your Chromecast. Click on + (plus) > Set up device > New device. Select More > Show Mac address when you get to the Connect to Wi-Fi screen.

How to share a wi-fi password from mac to an iphone?

On both the iPhone and Mac, add your Apple ID to your contacts. When you join the network on your iPhone, move the devices closer to each other and hit Share.

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Bottom Line

This article will show you how to locate your iPhone’s MAC address. On your iPhone, you can quickly find the MAC address. Each device has a unique MAC address that can be used to track it down. The main thing is that you have the ability to modify your mac address, which improves your privacy and security. I hope you find this information useful. Stay tuned for more informative posts like these.