There are times when we are working on our laptops and forget how much time we have spent exerting ourselves. What we do not realize is that the laptop is also being exhausted to the limit at times. Often we can feel that we can feel the heat which can become uncomfortable and that is why people often choose not to keep their laptops on their laps, however, this is not the solution.

The solution would be to fix an overheating laptop. Overheating of the laptop can cause it to become slow or fried components can make the laptop useless.

Here is how you can fix an overheating laptop without taking it apart.

Why do laptops heat up?

This happens due to overuse at times. Dust can also build up and the fans may become too dusty which can block the ventilating part. You will have to do the cleaning of the laptop which means you may even have to open it apart however the important part is to learn how to fix it without opening it and taking it apart. This will keep the warranty intact and will also save you the hassle.

Steps To Fix An Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart:

Firstly you need to buy a cooling pad for your laptop which can be with external fans or it can be metallic. Furthermore, you can try the disabling of the CPU Turbo Boost, you can reconfigure fan curve, close resource-heavy applications, and cap framerate on video games, etc. You can also spray vents with compressed air.

1. A Temperature Tracking Software is needed

This will be extremely essential as temperature tracking software can very easily check the temperature. This will be a program and you will be able to be informed about how overheating occurs in your laptop and after how much time of use. This program will help notify you. This can be one of the steps of you understanding the issue and then fixing it from the core.

2. A laptop cooling pad is an essential

You know-how daily when we feel like we are feeling hot we may end up sitting in a cooler place, well that is how laptops work as well, if your laptop is overheating you should buy a cooling pad with external exhaust fans that can be powered by a USB cable. You can use an angled cooling stand and assist your laptop cool itself down.

Stop overheating laptop using cooling pad

3. Disable CPU Turbo Boost

Everyone may not agree with it but this is one way of cooling down your laptop. Disabling your Turbo Boost will ensure that your laptop cools itself. Turbo Boost makes your CPU use more power by overclocking it. Therefore the heating starts to occur, even if this slows the CPU down a little, it will still be a wise choice to make in the longer run. You can try this by searching on YouTube how you can disable your Turbo Boost, you will see many tutorials that will assist you.

4. Reconfigure Fan Curve

Reconfiguring the fan curve may make you a little annoyed at first due to how noisy your laptop may become however this is only because your fans may not spin at a speedy rate at first but after reconfiguring the fan curve they start working at a faster pace.

This is dependent on whether your laptop even allows you for this change or not.

5. Close Resource Heavy Applications

Moving forward up need to have a look at your task manager and see what is happening there. There could be a process that would be very highly consuming for the CPU and therefore you need to check it thoroughly.


Can the overheating laptop be fixed?

A lack of appropriate airflow under the laptop can cause it to overheat. This problem can be remedied by raising your computer and placing a small book beneath it. Aside from utilizing a book, it’s much preferable to invest in a computer cooling pad to provide adequate ventilation beneath your machine.

Why is my laptop suddenly overheating?

What’s the deal with my laptop suddenly overheating?
Your laptop is overheated due to a lack of cooling. Dust clogging intake grills or vent ports, a clogged fan, or degrading thermal paste or the thermal pad are all possible causes. If you need a quick fix and don’t have the ability to de-lid your CPU or GPU and apply a new thermal compound, this is the option for you.

What are simple ways to cool down my laptop?

>Do not obstruct the vents on your PC.
>Use a cooling pad for your laptop.
>Avoid running programs that tax your computer’s processing power.
>Clean the fans and vents of your computer.
>To boost the performance of your computer, change the settings.
>Turn off the computer.

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Bottom Line

These are the multiple ways you can fix your overheating laptop. If need be, make sure that you are not using your laptop 24/7, all things need a break, and so do your eyes, so it is better to give yourself and your laptop some rest at least most hours of the day! Good luck!