AirPods are one of the most popular accessories for iPhone users, but it is also a prime target for counterfeiters. If you are in doubt about the pair that you bought online, check out our guide to distinguish real AirPods from replicas.

There are a lot of fake AirPod sellers out there that sell these knock-offs at low prices. We will help you spot them and tell you how to avoid buying fake ones.

In this article, we will discuss many ways to identify real Airpods vs. fake Airpods so that you can buy with confidence from reputable sellers only.

This is an important topic because it lets us know if someone is selling fake goods or not, which keeps all consumers safe while shopping online. It also helps buyers decide whether they should purchase their desired product or not by knowing the truth about what they’re really buying!

10 Ways to Spot Fake Airpods from Real Ones

There are many people who buy fake AirPods thinking they’re getting the real thing. But as soon as they get their hands on a pair of knock-offs, they realize that it’s too late. The only way to make sure you’re buying an original is by checking for these 10 signs!

Here are 10 ways to identify authentic Apple AirPods from fakes! These tips will help you avoid spending money on a counterfeit product and save yourself tons of frustration in the buying process.

1) Verify the Serial Number of your Airpods on Apple’s website

Apple Airpods

Fake AirPods look similar to real ones; it’s hard for buyers to differentiate most of the time.

Every AirPod has a unique serial number that can be found at the back of the charging case. Apple verifies and registers these numbers to keep a record for each AirPod.

Apple also provides a web page where you can verify your AirPod serial number to see whether it is registered on their website.

Visit and enter your serial number in the box.

If you are unable to find your serial number on Apple’s website, this could mean that you bought a fake one or Apple has not registered it yet.

2) Check for the “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” Sticker

The real Airpods box has a Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China seal on it.

Fake AirPods come without this sticker and have no mention of the fact that they are assembled in China. Even if they have this sticker, you can easily judge by the quality, font, and color that it is fake.

The font color on the original is grey, and you cannot peel it off easily because it is well stuck on the box. Whereas fake stickers have mostly black font writing on them and are made of thin paper material.

The font in the original stickers is big, but it’s small and poorly printed in fake ones.

3) Check The Packaging Of The Earbuds Carefully

The real Apple AirPods have a very well-built and shiny box. Apart from that, there are many details you can check.

On the original box, you get two stickers on the side of the box stating the model number and serial number plus other details. The details are well printed.

The fake packaging box has mostly one sticker covering the whole side of the box and details are not clear.

The real AirPods box has a glossy texture to it which you may hardly notice, but still, it’s one of the details you can judge the authenticity with.

4) Check The W1 Chip OnBracket Of Airpods Charging Case

Airpods Charging

The real Apple AirPods have a W1 chip on the bracket of the charging case. To confirm if the AirPods are real, you can check this mark.

But it is not as easy to check; only very few people can spot it.

In the real Apple AirPods charging case, the W1 chip is very small, and it’s attached to the side of the charging case.

It is also difficult to detect, but you can see a tiny dark spot on the bracket.

The fake AirPods charging case do not have this chip attached to it, so you can check if your Airpods charging case is original or not by looking for the W1 chip.

5) Check If The Lid Of The Airpods Charging Case Is Perfectly Aligned

Slightly lift the lid of the Airpods Charging Case to see if it opens only an inch and stops by itself or not. It will stop at a slight angle or 1-2mm.

If it opens up more than this, then you probably have a fake Airpods Charging Case.

6) Check If You Can See Speakers Through Airpods Speaker Grill

If you can clearly see the speaker through the Airpods grill, then it means that they are original.

Fake AirPods do not have this texture, and they are less transparent than the original ones.

7) Check if Airpods behave differently when you switch them on and off

To verify whether they are real or not, you can switch on and off your Apple Airpods.

If the light on the back starts blinking, it means they are charging. And if you put your Airpods in the charging case with them turned on, they will stop blinking and stay lit.

If they don’t change their status when you switch on and off, then that means they are fake.

8) Too Low Price Being Offered

If you see that the seller is selling Airpods at a price too much lower than market price, then there are high chances they are fake.

Apple Airpods retail for around $160 plus tax, and there’s no way to get them cheaper if you’re ordering online without some kind of coupon code or deal that’s going on at the moment.

If they’re priced too low, it could be a sign that they’re fake and they’ve been repackaged in a generic box with a third-party charger and cheap, low-quality earbuds.

9) Look For Scratches And Bad Paint Job

Look for scratches or chips in the paint job of your Airpod’s case. If you see any, it means that they are fake.

The original Apple AirPods have a textured finish, and the paint job is well done, so they won’t have any chips or scratch marks on them.

10) Check the Sound Quality of AirPods

The sound quality of Apple AirPods is amazing. You can listen to music with the best bass and treble at a high volume without any distortion.

If the sound is not so good, it means that they are fake or refurbished AirPods.


Do Fake Air Pods have Serial Numbers?

If your Air pods don’t have any serial number then, without any doubt, you have fake Air pods. But there are also counterfeit Air pods that have stolen serial numbers from the original Apple’s Air pods. So, yes, Fake Air pods can also have serial numbers (not most of the time).

How to spot fake Air pods?

1) Look for the serial number. If there is no serial number, then your Air pods are fake.
2) If there is a serial number, then scan it on your phone and check If that serial number matches with Apple’s official records.
Look at the top area of Air pods closely. If the diffuser is not properly placed, then your Air pods are fake. You will notice a clear difference between the quality of fake and real Air pods.

How to spot Fake Air pods box and Real Air pods box?

Look for the space between the cover and the box of your Air pods. If that space is super tight then you have an authentic box. While fake Air Pods box, on the other hand, there’s more space between cover and box.
And also, there is they are fluctuating in width. The font on the fake Air pods back is bolder and more prominent. While on a real Air pods box, the font at back is thinner and lighter.

Are there Fake Air pods with w1 chips?

No, fake Air pods cannot have the W 1 chip as it is infused in the Air pods by the company itself.

How to check if Air pods are real?

To check this, hold your Air pods next to the iPhone or iPad. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on. Now open the Air pods case, leave the air buds in the case.
Real Air pods will be set up with this device automatically. The battery screen will appear on your device showing that your Air Pods are genuine.

How to spot fake Air pods pro?

• Scan the serial number written on the inner side of your charging case.
• Check for R and L inscriptions on your Air pods pro. Most of the fake manufacturers often missed this minor detail and do not engrave the letters R and l on right and Left Air pods.

How to tell if Air pods 2 are fake?

Check the model number of your Air Pods. To check which generation of Air Pods you have followed the steps mentioned below:
• Go to Settings and open Bluetooth.
• Look for your Air Pods on the list. (for example, “Clara AirPods”).
• Tap on the Info option available next to your AirPods. You’ll see the model number. The fake Air Pods 2 will not show that it is the second generation of Air pods.

What is the Difference between Real and Fake Air Pods?

• Serial Number is mentioned on Real Airpods.
• There is a change in the quality of diffusers of fake and real Air pods.
• The lower side of fake and Real Air pods will have some differences.
• The R & L inscriptions might not be written on fake Airpods.
• The charging case has code, scan it to check if it is compatible with Apple’s official serial numbers list.


Apple AirPods are really expensive, and the chances of you getting fake ones when ordering from online stores are very high. So always check for all these details before making any purchase.

If you want to get original Apple products, you can always buy them from Apple Store. And if you are buying Airpods online, make sure that they do not cost too little than the market price unless you are purchasing with coupons.

The above-listed 10 points will help you to determine if the Airpods are original or not. I may have missed some points, but I think these will do a good job in telling you whether they’re authentic or counterfeit.

If you find any of these signs in a pair of AirPods, then it is an indication that they are fake and not original.

If this guide was helpful for you, please share it with your friends and family so they can check their Airpods too, and don’t get fooled by fake sellers online.

Thank You!