This article shows how to keep the iPhone screen on. It also shows how to adjust the Auto-Lock settings on an iPhone so that the screen stays on for longer than 30 seconds.

Many iPhone users care about battery life, and the screen is one of the most significant drains. Your iPhone will attempt to conserve battery life by turning off the screen after extended periods of inactivity, but you may be asking how to make the iPhone screen stay on longer.

Auto-Lock is a feature on your iPhone that instructs it to lock the screen after a specified amount of inactivity. This protects your device from unintentional screen taps while also extending battery life by shutting off the screen when not in use.

While this is useful in most instances, you may find the frequent screen locking to be inconvenient if you are reading something on the screen or if your hands are not free to prevent the screen from locking, such as when following a recipe you found on the internet. Our instructions below will show you how to customize the amount of time your iPhone waits before locking your screen.

How can I keep the iPhone screen on until you manually lock it?

One of the basic options on a new iPhone is an Auto-Lock feature for the screen. The iPhone lock screen protects your phone and any sensitive information you may have stored on it. After 30 seconds of inactivity, this default setting takes over, turning off and locking your phone’s screen.

If you need your screen to stay on to look at instructions on Google Maps or get your hands dirty while following a recipe, Auto-Lock might be quite inconvenient. Follow these instructions to keep your iPhone’s screen from sleeping by changing the default Auto-Lock settings.

  • Locate the Settings icon and press it.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Display & Brightness.
  • Choose Auto-Lock from the drop-down menu. Remember that auto-lock is limited to 30 seconds if your iPhone is in Low Power Mode. Because the iPhone favours low battery use in Low Power Mode, turning off the screen as much as possible becomes more crucial.
  • At the bottom of the list, select the option Never.
  • You have successfully modified your iPhone’s Auto-Lock settings when you see a blue checkmark to the right of Never, and you may now tap Back. Your iPhone’s screen will only turn off and lock if you physically click the button on the right side of your iPhone with the Auto-Lock settings set to Never. If you want your screen to lock again, remember to adjust the settings on your iPhone back. This will extend the life of your battery and protect the information on your phone.
How to keep the iPhone screen on?

How to keep the iPhone screen on for more than 30 minutes?

You do not always want your phone to go to sleep after 30 seconds, but you also do not want it to be on all the time, draining your device’s battery. Follow these instructions to keep the screen on your iPhone for longer than 30 seconds.

  • On the iPhone’s home screen, select Settings.
  • Tap Display & Brightness at the bottom of the page.
  • Auto-Lock is the option you should choose.
  • Choose from 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, 4 minutes, or 5 minutes to keep your iPhone’s screen lit. Pick a time that is most convenient for you. Keep in mind, though, that selecting “never” is not a good idea. After the period you have set aside for it, your iPhone device will be locked.
  • You have successfully modified your phone’s Auto-Lock settings and can press Back when you see a blue checkmark to the right of your option.

It is possible that “Auto-Brightness” is active if you are still having issues with a dimming screen even with “Auto-Lock” turned off. The Accessibility options in the Settings app can be used to disable “Auto-Brightness.”

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Auto-Lock to keep the iPhone screen on

The following are some of the advantages to keep the iPhone screen on for a shorter period of time:

You can get a number of advantages by setting your iPhone screen lock to activate after a brief time of inactivity:

  • When you place your phone in your handbag, backpack, or pocket, you are preventing apps from accidentally opening and using mobile data. You will also be less likely to send messages or make phone calls by accident.
  • It is also useful for preventing unauthorised access to your phone.
  • Because the screen will not stay on indefinitely, you save energy and battery. You may also tune your iPhone battery to extend its charging time.

The phone screen will not stay on all night if you fall asleep while using it. When the device senses inactivity, it activates the lock function by locking the screen after the specified number of minutes.

Can I keep my iPhone screen on during Lower-Power Mode?

If you are battery saving person, you will keep your iPhone on Low Power Mode from time to time. Especially if you are going to spend your entire day outside and will not be able to charge your phone till later. In Low Power Mode, you can not turn off Auto-Lock or prevent your screen from locking. Auto-Lock is set to 30 seconds by default, and there is no way to adjust it.

It may seem annoying but it is very logical. The screen consumes a lot of power, thus conserving battery life while it is on is pointless. You will have to decide whether you want to save your battery or keep the screen on.


On my iPhone lock screen, how can I keep my notifications private?

On my iPhone lock screen, how can I keep my notifications private? Select Show Preview > When Unlocked from your iPhone’s notification settings. Without unlocking your phone, no one will be able to read your notifications.

On my iPhone’s lock screen, how can I view reminders?

Go to Settings > Notifications > Reminders > Allow Notifications, then turn on Show on Lock Screen to see your iPhone reminders when your phone is locked.

How can I lock screen orientation on my iPhone?

Bring up the Control Center and tap the screen rotation lock to prevent your iPhone from turning. If you want the screen to automatically rotate, tap it one more.

How can you prevent your iPhone’s screen from being activated by notifications?

Navigate to the options menu>Notifications > Select the suitable apps to open. Turn off the feature that allows you to unlock your phone. Deliver discreetly is a feature that appears just in your iPhone’s notification center and does not require your screen to be turned on.

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Last Remarks

As you can see, keeping your screen from locking is not difficult at all. We hope you found this post helpful and that you now have a better understanding of how to deal with this problem.

For some instances, turning off your iPhone’s auto-lock feature is a good idea. It is probably something people use once or twice a week, and it can help you avoid annoyance when you need your screen to stay on.

However, deactivating auto-lock increases the risk of your battery dying, overheating, and a possible intrusion of your privacy. My own advice is to use it only when absolutely required, and then switch it off when you are finished to reduce the drawbacks of utilizing it.