Snapchat users may now post videos directly from the YouTube app as Snapchat Video Stickers on their Android and iOS devices.

Snapchat has revealed the release of a new feature that allows people to take YouTube videos as Snapchat video stickers. According to The Verge, the feature will be available for both Android and iOS.

The change aims to make it easier to share YouTube videos on Snapchat by removing the need for users to manually copy and paste video links into content. The Snapchat Camera allows users to embed YouTube videos straight to Stories and individual Snaps.

How to upload YouTube videos to Snapchat Video Stickers?

You can now share YouTube videos as Snapchat video stickers thanks to a recent update:

  • First of all, open the YouTube app.
  • Then select a video you want to  view
  • Select Snapchat from the menu below after tapping on Share. You will be taken to the Snapchat Camera as a result of this action.
  • The video will now show up on your original Snap as a Snapchat Video stickers. Effects and filters can also be added using the available creative tools.
  • To save your Snap, press the Camera button one more.
  • The size and location of the sticker can be changed by users.
Snapchat Video Stickers
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Users could previously share YouTube video URLs after snapping their Snaps on Snapchat. After copying video URLs from YouTube, users have to manually add them. Starting today, all Snapchat users on iOS and Android may share their favorite YouTube videos with their friends directly from the Snapchat camera, eliminating the need for tedious copying and pasting.

This is the first time a mini-player sticker or animation would appear next to a YouTube link on Snapchat. When some of your Snapchat contacts and pals tap the Snapchat video stickers in the snap, they will be taken to the video in the YouTube app or on the web browser.

The new Snapchat video stickers update provides a clearer view of the video’s thumbnail and includes the name of the video’s creator, which was previously missing from the standard link format.

How is it beneficial for users on YouTube and Snapchat?

This opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities for sharing YouTube links, benefiting both YouTube and Snap by expanding your options for Snap expression and interaction via stickers and other creative tools. It is a smart method to encourage more active sharing because the sticker display offers a more integrated, direct sharing experience than merely sending a link in a Snap message.

It makes sense – and it might help marketers find new methods to drive visitors to longer YouTube videos while also allowing them to post tutorials, product overview films, and other content via Snaps. It is also fascinating to see YouTube and Snapchat collaborate. Although they are not in direct competition, Snap Discover’s rise does represent a challenge to YouTube’s supremacy in online video.

However, these links will almost certainly benefit YouTube more than Snap in any case, and it appears to be a natural progression for Snap links.


Is it okay to apply Snapchat filters on YouTube videos?

Anything, including YouTube, can benefit from the application of filters. It is just not a good idea because people can find it strange and stop watching your station. If you ever want to do a film like this, make sure you have a few more videos under your belt first. Use the filters in only one video as a comical section or skit, and then ask the audience if they liked it and if they would like to see more videos like it.

Is there a tool for posting YouTube videos to a Snapchat story?

Sure, VEED is ideal for this; but, you will need to edit your video to match Snapchat’s specifications first. Simply upload your video to VEED. Then, in the crop tool, select “vertical video,” download, and you are finished.

How can I turn on Snapchat’s “auto sticker” feature, which generates stickers from my camera roll automatically?

By pressing the white circular button at the bottom center of your screen, you can quickly take a picture. With the folded corner of your square, tap it. In the bottom tab bar, select the scissors icon. The user interfaces on various phones may differ. This is the basic concept. Select “Create” from the drop-down list.
If Snapchat is linked to your camera roll and you have selfie-style photos, it will generate a slew of stickers for you. Snapchat enjoys creating personalized stickers of people’s faces. The scissors icon should be selected. You can now add any additional custom stickers that you have made.

Is it possible to remove a Snapchat sticker from a video that has already been saved?

Yes, but only if you have saved the video to your camera roll or Snapchat memories. To access the 3 dotted options in the top right, first, click on the video. Select Edit after that. Eliminate any stickers, filters, or writing that you do not want to see. If you like, you can even make new ones.
Then click Done at the top left. Finally, select Save when prompted. However, keep in mind that this will replace the previous version. You will not be able to restore a location-based filter until you are physically present.

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Bottom Line: Snapchat Video Stickers

Through a new experience that is rolling out globally, creators who submit new films on YouTube will be able to gain greater attention from Snapchat users. Users may now share any YouTube video by simply selecting Snapchat from the share menu on the YouTube app, and the video will display as a sticker in the snap. The name, thumbnail, and creator of the video will appear on the sticker.

Although the earlier version is still available, the new feature appears to be more practical and appealing. The new Snapchat Video stickers feature gives the thumbnail a more clear appearance and also displays the creator’s name.