Do you like to play ps4 games but don’t have a PlayStation 4? So here is some good news for you. You can now play ps4 games on PC. Are you wondering how to play ps4 games on PC without ps4? Don’t bother! In this article, I am going to share easy ways to run ps4 games on your PC.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 (Step-by-step) guide

Sony, which is a developer of Playstation, has introduced the Playstation Now app. This is a video streaming service from Sony. As in recent years, streaming services have gained immense popularity. So, Sony also took initiative in video streaming services. Sony also keeps updating the list of games, so you need to check what’s new once a month.

1- How to Play ps4 games on PC without ps4 using Playstation Now Application.

For desktop PCs and laptops Sony has released an application “Playstation Now”. Thus, you will not need a PlayStation console for playing games now. Playstation Now app costs $9.99 for a month. You can also enjoy a free-of-cost trial period for 7 days. You can also choose a plan if you want to continue playing PS4 games on PC after the trial period. Both monthly and annual plans are available for subscription. Keep in mind, by paying for the app, you will play original games rather than pirated games. All you need is to have an internet connection and a subscription to the Playstation Now app.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4

You need to follow these simple steps to install the Playstation Now app on your PC.

Step No. 1: Download Playstation Now app on your Desktop/PC/laptop. The link to download the app for pc is

Step No. 2: Install Playstation Now app by agreeing to terms and conditions. Also, you need to say yes to all games requests.
Step No.3: Once installation is complete, setup will launch. Here you will need to sign in from your playstation credentials (If you have chosen a paid plan previously) You can also use a free of cost trial version too for 7-days.

Playstation network

Step No. 4: After sign-in you will be able to access multiple games from different categories. To start playing, connect your ps4 controller to your PC, then choose your favorite game and start playing.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4

Note: There is a list of minimum requirements to install Playstation Now app on PC. You can check them before installation.

The following are the recommended specs for playing PS4 games on PC and the minimum requirements.

Specs Recommendations Specs Minimum Requirements

Windows 7 (Sp1), 8.1 0r 10 Windows 7 (Sp1), 8.1 0r 10
Intel Corei3 with 3.5GHz or 3.8GHz AMD A10 or faster Core i3 with 2.0 GHz
2 GB RAM or higher 2 GB RAM
300 MB of available storage or more 300 MB of available storage
USB port and Sound Card USB port and Sound Card

Another legal way to play ps4 games on your PC is remote play. By using this method you can remotely play PS4 games on multiple PC’s. By following the steps below you can play PlayStation 4 games on PC without having ps4.

2- How to Play ps4 games on PC without ps4 using PS4 Remote Play

Step No.1: First download remote play software on PC from official website. Link for the site is:

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

Step No. 2: Install software.
Step No.3: Once installation is complete click on application and wait for its loading. Then, click on settings. A new PS4 Remote Play window will appear. Then, under Playstation Network click on sign in.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

Step No. 4: Now Choose a suitable resolution according to your internet connection’s speed. Then, change frame rate to standard and click the OK button.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

Step No. 5: Then a new window will pop up. Here click on start button. It will take some time to make a connection with the server. If you do not want to wait, press the Manual Register Manually button. Now you will require to put a code.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

Step No. 6: No Need to worry about code. Go to PS4 Settings.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

Then go to “Remote Play Connection Settings.” Under “add device,” you will find the code to enter.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

Step No. 7: Then go back to the setup and enter the code. Once you have entered the code click Register. This will start the connection process.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

Important Note: You may lose control of your PS4 controller. You need to plug your charging cable or USB cable into your controller to use it. You can scroll through your PS4 menu with the controller.

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3- How to Play PS4 games on PC without PS4 Using an emulator

Another way to play PS4 games on your PC is using an emulator on your PC. This method is for those who are looking for a free way to play games on PC without a subscription to an application. You can find the PS4 emulator, Orbital, via the following link:

You can run the Orbital PS4 PC emulator on Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems easily. But, you may observe a low frame rate while using a simulator or emulator. You can adapt a few games with orbital usage, however, you may observe abnormalities in a display of a few 3D models.

How to play ps4 games on PC without ps4 - TricksEhow

System Requirements for PS4 PC emulator

● Operating System: Windows (7 and higher), Linux (4.4 and higher), macOS (10.10 and higher)
● Memory: Must have 12GB RAM
● Processor: Intel x86-64 processor with extensions AVX/BMI1 and virtualization
● Graphics: GPU with Vulkan 1.0 and higher support.

Note: Though you can use this PS4 PC emulator for free, however, we don’t recommend it.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed three ways to play PS4 games on PC. Two of them are paid while one is a free method. This is how you can play PS4 games on PC without PS4. But never go for pirated games. As there is a chance to download viruses in your system. Further, developers keep introducing new features in games every time, so, by using an original version you will not miss any new level or feature of your favorite PS4 game. So you can enjoy games to the utmost.

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Can I play my PS4 on my laptop with HDMI?

For your notebook to serve as a monitor, you will need an HDMI or video capture device. In other words, if you enable Ps Remote Play and link it to your PlayStation 4, you can potentially play your PlayStation 4 “on” your laptop.

Can you play PlayStation games on PC without PS Now?

PS Now does not require you to own a PlayStation console, but you’ll need a compatible controller.

Is PS4 online free?

PSN is indeed free.
Using the online functionality of your PlayStation, such as buying games in the store or earning trophies as you play, requires that you register with the PlayStation Network. You must subscribe to PlayStation Plus in order to play online multiplayer in purchased games.

How can I get PS4 Plus for free?

● Go to the PlayStation Plus website for your country
● If you don’t already have a PS Plus account, click Join or Renew in the top right corner.
● Select a suitable plan according to your choice
● Move to the next page and then choose to Add to Basket
● Create a new account if you do not have any. If you have some previous account sign in with your login details.
● Then you will find a security check. Check the box I am not a Robot.
● The next step is providing your payment information (credit card or PayPal)
● You can get a free trial version for 7 days.