Thinking about how to record a phone call on iPhone? In this article today, we will tell you some of the best ways to record a conversation on the phone to keep it saved for future use.

Whether you want to record a conversation on iPhone with your loved ones or want to record an important phone meeting, it is not difficult to do so. There are multiple options to try to record a phone call on iPhone. But the main thing you need to take care of is “whether this way is legal and accessible in your region,” as well as whether the other person is okay with you recording the conversation on iPhone.

As long as your way of recording a phone call on an iPhone is legal and ethical, you are all set to try out our list of the best ways to record a conversation on iPhone.

So, let’s have a rundown at some of the best ways to record a conversation on iPhone easily:

3 Best Methods for Recording a Conversation on an iPhone

We will look into the following three ways to record a conversation on iPhone;

  • How To Record phone calls on iPhone without Apps
  • How To Record phone calls on iPhone with Third-Party Apps
  • How To Record a Conversation on iPhone using Google Voice

1. How To Record a Phone Call on iPhone without Apps?

This is the easiest way to record a conversation on iPhone without downloading any software or apps onto your phone. You will need some hardware system to record phone calls, like speakers, micro-phones, etc. Podcasting micro-phones are the best in this regard.

In short, any device with a micro-phone can be used to record phone calls on iPhone. But, in this case, a quiet and noiseless space is a must. Of course, you wouldn’t want the clutter of noise cutting out the meaning-full conversations during recording, now would you?

So, make sure the place where you are going to record a conversation on iPhone is noiseless and quiet. Then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Take out whatever device you are going to use to record calls on iPhone. Leave it on a surface near you.
  • Call the respective person and ask for their consent to record the conversation.
  • After you have consent, you can turn on the micro-phone device and leave the phone call on speaker.
  • After you are done talking or discussing stuff you meant to record, turn off the microphone. Or simply turn it off after hanging up.

There is another way to record a conversation on iPhone without apps: using in-ear microphones. These microphones connect with your iPhone like a normal handsfree would. 

  • Just insert the pin into the respective headphone port on your iPhone.
  • And then keep on talking on the phone with your mobile in your ear like you normally do. These in-ear microphones will record your calls..

 Olympus TP8 telephone pick-up microphone are the best in this regard.


2. How do I use Google Voice to record a conversation on iPhone?

Google Voice is a service available for iPhone users living in the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, users outside these regions have no access to this. Google Voice offers a number for iPhone users, which they can use on their own devices and others as well. 

To use this method;

  • You have to sign-in or sign-up for your Google Voice Account after downloading and launching it on your device.
  • Open the app and tap on the “Search” option. Here, you have to select the new phone number that you would like to link to your new Google Voice Account.
  • Next, tap “Next.”
  • Enter your iPhone’s phone number after you will be asked to do so.
  • You will receive a verification code for your number. Enter this code to properly verify your Google Voice account.
Google Voice- Best Ways To Record a Conversation on iPhone

This is how you can create your Google Voice account. Now navigate the following path to turn on the “Recording Call” feature:

  • Open the Google Voice website > Sign in > click the gear icon > Settings > Calls tab menu > Enable Incoming Calls option by tapping the icon on the right.
  • Then, whenever you will receive a call on your Google Voice number next time, you would have to press the key “4” on the dial pad to activate the recorder to record the conversation.
  • The saved recordings of your phone calls will go straight to your email address and will be saved there for you to use whenever you want. You can also look into the “Voicemails” app to check if the recordings are saved there.

An automated voice will notify the callers about the recording of calls at both the start and end of the call. So, make sure the other user knows about this, otherwise it may seem a little creepy. 

The best feature of using Google Voice is its Vocie transcription service.This feature will transcribe the whole conversation into text, and it will be saved even if you lose the call recordings somehow. 

3. How To Record phone calls on iPhone with Third-Party Apps?

We all know how much we all hate the missing voice recorder app on our iPhones. But don’t worry, there are plenty of third-party voice recording apps designed specifically for iOS and Apple devices. 

It is also the most preferable, as well as one of the best ways to record a conversation on iPhone. In this case, you just have to install some applications via the Apple store. 

The Rev Call Recorder is highly recommended in this regard. It is preferred because of its unlimited recording lengths and because it is totally free. After launching this app on your iPhone, you will have to verify your phone number via a code to have access to services. 

It’s only good for United States users, so we are sorry if you are a non-American. But don’t lose heart; there are plenty of other apps too, which you can find online. Like, Call Recorder Lite, TapeACall Pro, NoNotes Call Recorder, etc. 


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Can I record a phone conversation on iPhone?

Yes, it is possible to record a conversation on iPhone using third-party apps, micro-phone devices, or using Google Voice. 
The iPhone doesn’t come with an inbuilt call recorder app, so you have to use some other ways to record a phone call on iPhone. 

How To record a phone call on iPhone for free?

There are plenty of options which can allow you to record a phone call on iPhone without paying any money. Some of these are:
Rev Call Recorder
Google Voice
TapeACall Pro

Why iPhone doesn’t allow to record phone calls?

The answer is pretty simple to this question. In many states in America, recording a phone call is associated with being an illegal activity and an act against the law. So, the iPhone doesn’t come with its own call recorder app. 

Bottom Line

Welp, we will wrap it up here. We hope our article here helps you to record phone calls on iPhone. The methods we discussed here are the best ways to record a conversation on iPhone, so don’t worry, you are all covered for now. Stay tuned for more informative posts like these.