Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are entirely different operating systems. iOS apps are written in Object-Oriented C language or Swift. On the other hand, the coding language for Android apps is Java. Also, the android operating system uses APIs and services exclusive for android devices only. So apparently it seems impossible to run android apps on iPhone. Thankfully contemporary technology has removed the barriers. Using an emulator or a mirroring app allows you to run android apps on iOS. For detailed procedures on how to run android apps on iPhone continue reading.

Methods to Run Android apps on iPhone

1. Run Android apps on iPhone using an emulator

The easiest way to run android apps on iOS is using an emulator. An emulator is a type of virtual machine which provides a real environment of android on the iOS operating system. With the help of this virtual machine, users can download android apps and use them on their standard iOS devices without any obstacle.

The Myriad group launched the Dalvik project for the users who want to run android apps on their iOS devices. Their developers worked hard and developed an easy-to-use emulator for users. The best thing about the emulator is that it provides a real-time experience as users are able to enjoy a real android environment.

Alien Dalvik Android Emulator for iOS

Alien Dalvik is an emulator that allows iOS users to download and install android apps on their devices. With its emulator, iOS users find an android ecosystem on their iOS devices similar to that of playing games on HDTV.

The Alien Dalvik emulator is safe. You don’t need to worry about the security of your iPhone. It is reliable and you won’t encounter any problems with it. However, don’t overload the emulator.

Steps to download Android apps emulator on iOS:-

1. Download the emulator on your iPhone

First of all, you need to download Alien Dalvik for iOS. It is a free-to-download application. You can download it using a web browser on your iPhone or on your PC. But in case you download it on your PC, don’t forget to transfer it to your iPhone via a USB cable.

2. Install the android emulator on your iPhone

If you have directly downloaded the emulator on your iPhone, then install it. If you have copied the emulator from your PC, then open the location of the file on your iPhone. Then double click the file and wait for some time. The emulator takes some time to completely install on your iPhone. Make sure to complete the installation before proceeding further.

Download Android apps on your iPhone

Once installation of Alien Dalvik is completed, go to the android play store app. All the applications of android you want to use on your iPhone, now you can download. If you install an android app using the emulator on your phone, you will need to open it through the emulator every time you use it. Enjoy android on your iPhone through this easiest procedure.

Run Android apps on iPhone using mirroring apps

Alternatively, mirroring applications are available. These apps permit the iPhone user to use android apps on their devices. Also, by using these apps you can play android games on your iPhone. Following are the famous mirroring apps:

● Screen Mirror
● Airmore
● ApowerMirror

Screen Mirror app

Screen Mirror Application

Screen Mirror app is developed for streaming android apps on iPhone using an IP connection. It works by casting your android screen on the iPhone. So if you open your browser on an android phone, your screen will immediately display on your iOS device. However, keep in mind this application only supports Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Follow these simple steps and open your android screen on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download and install the Screen Mirror application on your android phone.
  2. Once the application is launched, tap the “Start” button.
  3. When you see a notice stating that “Screen Mirror will start capturing all the information on your screen”, select “Don’t show again” and then tap “START NOW” to get the URL.
  4. By entering the web address into your iPhone/iPad’s browser, your Android screen will appear on your iOS device right away.

AirMore App


In addition to allowing the users to manage their mobile devices or cast them on a big screen, AirMore also features a special feature: connect your android device to an iPhone. This is a professional mobile management app. Additionally, it allows users to transfer their data between different devices. The Reflector function of the AirMore app allows you to run your android apps on the iPhone.

Follow these simple and easy steps to enjoy the whole functionality of this app.

  1. From Google Play store, download the AirMore app.
  2. Make sure to connect your android device and iOS device on the same wi-fi network.
  3. Open any of the browsers among these two: Firefox and Chrome on your iOS device.
  4. Then input and enter any site.
  5. Now on your android device launch the AirMore app.
  6. Now tap on “Scan to connect”. A QR code will appear on your iPhone’s screen.
  7. If you click on “Reflector” on AirMore web, a notice will appear on your Android device to remind you to cast your Android to another device.
  8. To mirror your Android to an iPad or iPhone, select “Don’t show again” and then tap “Start Now.”. Note: The reflector function works properly on android versions 5.5 and higher.


ApowerMirror is a mirroring app that allows users to mirror android devices on iOS devices within no time. This app lets you use any Android application you want on your iPhone and iPad without needing to download it or jailbreak your device. This is one of the best mirroring apps. iPhone users can play android games on their device using this app.

Follow these simple steps to install this app and enjoy the functionality.

  1. First step is to download ApowerMirror app on your both devices, i.e, android phone and iPhone. You can download apps on both devices from their respective stores.
  2. Make sure both iPhone and Android phone are connected to the same wi-fi network.
  3. On each device, launch ApowerMirror. You’ll need to press the blue mirror button at the bottom of the Android interface to search for other devices to connect.
  4. From the list of found devices, tap on the name of your iOS device. Once you’ve clicked “Start Now”, your Android will be mirrored to your iOS device
Steps to setup ApowerMirror on iPhone.

Final Words

Despite the fact that the Android and iPhone operating systems are different, technology has greatly reduced the barriers. Through this article, you have learned how to run android apps on iPhone. So, now you can play android games, use your favorite android apps without shifting to an android phone. A few of these apps emulate the Android environment so the users can enjoy it to the fullest.

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Can Android apps run on iOS?

You cannot use android apk into iOS.

Can iPhone have an Android keyboard?

Gboard, Google’s keyboard, is popular among Android users. But don’t worry, third-party keyboards can be installed on the iPhone, though they may not be as feature-rich as their Android counterparts. If you want to try out Android’s Gboard, you can do so on the iPhone.

Can you run Google apps on iPhone?

Google creates apps for both the iPhone and Android, thus Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar are all available on the iPhone and are very comparable to their Android counterparts. Many of these Google apps also offer iOS widgets, allowing for rapid access to data and information at a glance.

Can I use Gmail on iPhone?

The Gmail app for iPhone and iPad lets you add both Gmail and non-Gmail accounts. Access Gmail from your iPhone or iPad. When you use an iCloud,, or account, you may need to enter specific settings or a password.

What does iOS stand for?

Apple Inc. has created and is developing iOS (formerly iPhone OS) for its hardware only.

What is Android full form?

Google’s operating system for smartphones is Android. Android is not an abbreviation, but a name in itself. The operating system can be customized and modified according to developers’ needs since it’s an open source platform. Linux kernel is its core.