Can I save Snapchat messages? This is the question asked by almost every one of us. Today, we will tell you about how you can save messages on Snapchat for a longer period of time.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps. It is popular software that lets you share photos and videos with your friends and family in real-time. It does not, however, automatically save your interactions as other social media networks do!

When Does Snapchat Delete Chats and Snaps


After all of the Snaps have been read by all recipients, Snapchat servers are programmed to destroy them automatically. After 30 days, Snapchat’s servers will destroy any Snaps that have not been opened.

Unopened Snaps posted to a Group Chat are automatically deleted after 24 hours on Snapchat’s servers. Snapchatters can save a Snap-in Chat by pressing and holding it while viewing it or saving it afterward. A Snap will appear in the chat as Chat Media when it has been saved.

In Chat, Snapchatters can delete a Snap by pushing and holding on to it, then tapping “Delete.” A Snap from Snapchat servers will be deleted after it is removed from Chat.


Most Snapchat messages will be immediately erased once they have been viewed or have expired, as this is Snapchat’s default setting. Here are some simple guidelines for how long various types of content should be stored on Snapchat servers.

  • After both Snapchatters have entered and exited a one-on-one Chat, Snapchat servers are programmed to automatically delete messages sent in that Chat.
  • Changing the wipe rules in Chat Settings can make messages disappear after 24 hours. All unopened Snapchat Chats are automatically deleted after 30 days on Snapchat’s servers.
  • By pushing and holding on to a Chat, Snapchatters can always preserve it. Saved Chats have a grey backdrop and can be unsaved at any moment by pressing and holding on them.
  • Snapchat users can also erase conversations by pressing and holding the message and then hitting “Delete.”

Many users are unsure how to save Snapchat messages for 24 hours or whether they may be saved indefinitely. Well, you have come to the right site if you are looking for answers to the aforementioned queries.

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We have put up a handy guide that will answer all of your questions regarding how to alter when Snapchat messages expire.

What is the best way to save Snapchat messages for a period of 24 hours?

This new feature is for you if you want to keep your texts a little longer so you can get a sense of what is going on in the conversation.

Step 1:

Open the Snapchat app and swipe right to access the conversations tab to allow chat messages to be saved for up to 24 hours after they have been seen.

Step 2:

Now choose a user discussion to whom you would like to apply this setting. On the chat, press, and hold. Select ‘More‘ from the pop-up menu.

Save Snapchat messages 2

Step 3:

Select ‘Delete chats‘ from the drop-down menu. You can now change the option to ‘24 Hours After Viewing‘ from ‘After Viewing‘.

Save Snapchat Messages

You have got everything you need! As you may have guessed, the setting only applies to your and the user’s chats. This is a setting that must be changed for each user separately.

When you choose ’24 Hours After Viewing,’ what happens?

When you make a modification to a user’s chat settings, the person to whom the change applies will receive an email notification.

If you return to deleting messages ‘After Viewing,’ any chats that have been seen in the previous 24 hours will be deleted immediately.

Note that group messages are automatically erased after 24 hours. This is a setting that can not be changed.

If you do not have any existing chats with a contact, you can also save Snapchat messages for 24 hours:

  • Open Snapchat and tap on your Bitmoji Avatar in the top right corner, then select “My Friends” from the drop-down menu.
Snapchat messages
  • Choose the contact with whom you would like to save the chat for a 24-hour period. Select their Bitmoji avatar by tapping on it.
  •  In the top right corner, tap the three-dot menu.
snapchat messages
  • On the following screen, you will see a choice of options; select “Delete Chats…” from the list.
  • A pop-up window will appear, asking when you want to delete your chats. Then select “24 Hours after Viewing” from the drop-down menu.
save messages on snapchat

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Q: Is there a way to save snapchat messages forever?

You can also choose to save talks indefinitely on Snapchat. You will be able to save chats for longer than the 24-hour restriction.

Open Snapchat and select the “Chats” icon to access the chats section. Type the words you would like to store as a Snapchat chat and send it straight away.

 Long-press this message to bring up a pop-up card with several options. To keep this conversation on Snapchat forever, tap “Save in Chat.”

Q: Do save chats on Snapchat expires?

The answer is no, the saved Snapchat messages and snaps will be saved forever in your chat. But remember it is just the specific chat and snaps that you manually saved during the chat. Not the one which saved by default according to settings. So, if you want a snap or chat to last forever, manually “press & hold” it during chat and click “save in chat”.

Q: Why messages on Snapchat turn Grey?

It is because that message has been saved in chat either by your or your contact with whom you have been chatting.

So, that’s it for now. You can save Snapchat messages by following our above-mentioned guide. Let us know if you have any queries in your mind. Stay tuned for more informative guides like this.