Since its start, Snapchat has been successful in keeping our secrets hidden. Any snap, memory, or snapshot you send will be deleted as soon as it is opened. Millions of consumers throughout the world appreciate this privacy option.

When a screenshot on Snapchat iPhone is taken, the software sends a notification to the user who took the screenshot. People are perplexed by the anti-screenshot function and hunt for other ways to a secret screenshot of on Snapchat iPhone without their knowing. Users attempted everything from putting their phones on airplane mode to force-quitting the app. They also try to capture what is on someone else’s screen using manual methods, such as utilizing someone else’s phone. Many of these options were shut down, including third-party apps that claimed to be able to mask screenshot activities. Even still, some possibility remains that will help you in the secret screenshot of Snapchat.

How to take secret screenshot of snapchat in iphone?

Here are the methods for learning how to screenshot Snapchat without notification on an iPhone without people knowing. Using these methods, you can take Snapchat story screenshots or Snapchat message screenshots without notification.

Use Quick Time on Mac

  • Open QuickTime Player after connecting your phone to your Mac.
  • Then select File New Movie Recording from the drop-down menu.
  • Next to the record button, press the little arrow. Select your iPhone as the source of camera and microphone input.
  • On Mac, you can see your phone’s display. Finally, start screen recording your iPhone on your Mac and begin looking through the photos.

If you do not want to make a Snapchat story screen recording and instead want to take a secret screenshot of Snapchat iPhone, go through the steps above but instead of screen recording, hit Command + Shift + 4 on your Mac. Then, to snap a screenshot of the Snapchat iPhone of the QuickTime window, hit the Space Bar.

Turn on Airplane mode on iPhone

The most straightforward approach to taking a screenshot of Snapchat on an iPhone is to open the app, wait for the snap to load, and then switch to Airplane mode. You can now use the built-in Airplane mode to take a screenshot. This, however, may not always work; sometimes, it simply leaves a notification on their Chat list without actually sending them a notification. Here’s how you can go about it.

Swipe over to the Snaps and Stories page on your iOS device and launch Snapchat. It could take a few seconds for them to load. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or down from the top corner if you are using an iPhone X or later) to show the Control Centre, then hit the Airplane mode button, which is represented by an airplane.

Return to Snapchat and watch the video or snap. You can now take a screenshot of the Snapchat iPhone after the image has loaded. Unfortunately, Snapchat will be unable to notify the other person that you have captured a screenshot because there is no data or Wi-Fi connection.

Another method required snapping a snapshot while in Airplane Mode and then emptying the Snapchat app cache in the settings. Here’s how to grab a screenshot on Snapchat without letting anyone else know:

  • Go to the Snap you want to take a screenshot of and open Snapchat.
  • On your iPhone, enable Airplane Mode.
  • To exit the Control Center and return to Snapchat, touch anywhere outside of it.
  • Take a screenshot of the Snaps that are giving you concerns.
  •  Return to your Home Screen by closing Snapchat.
  •  Select Remove App > Delete App > Delete from the Snapchat app icon.
  • You have captured a screenshot of snapchat iPhone without letting the other person know.
  • Restart your iPhone, disable Airplane Mode, then reinstall Snapchat from the App Store.

Use the Screen Capture Tool

This method not only allows you to capture screenshots on Snapchat iPhone without them knowing, but it also allows you to record Snapchat videos without them knowing. If your phone has a built-in screen capture feature, you can use it to capture a Snapchat story in the same way you would with any other app. To take Snapchat story screenshots, you can also use third-party Screen Capturing Apps for iPhone.

Use Another Camera – The most Reliable Method

There have been numerous methods for avoiding the notification. Some third-party apps may be able to help you take a screenshot. However, screen recordings occasionally slipped by unnoticed. Turning on Airplane Mode is used to prevent the warning from appearing. However, Snapchat will always patch it out, regardless of the approach. There is only one technique to take a screenshot of someone on Snapchat without them realizing it these days: Camera usage.

The easiest approach to take a screenshot of Snapchat iPhone is to use another camera, most likely on a different phone.

  • Open Snapchat on your phone and go to the Snap you would like to take a screenshot of.
  • Take a picture of the first phone’s screen with a different phone’s camera while the Snap is on-screen.


Is taking a screenshot of a Snapchat iPhone story illegal?

Taking a screenshot of a Snapchat story is not considered prohibited. However, take a screenshot of the person’s story only if you have a reason for doing so.

How can you save pictures without people realizing it?

With the KidsGuard Pro software, you can store images without their knowing. It has a keylogger capability that records all keystrokes on the phone, including sent, unsent, and deleted snaps. You can also access shared media files.

Is there any way to save a Snapchat message to your clipboard?

You can only copy your own snaps to the clipboard when typing them; you can not copy other people’s snaps or texts to your clipboard.

What is the best way to transfer my Snapchat memories from my old account to my new one?

Go to Memories, then hit the top right selection symbol. After that, choose all of the memories you want to keep. After that, press share and then OneDrive, and it will download all of the photos and send them to your storage.

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You are not allowed to take screenshots of Snapchat iPhone without the sender’s knowledge. The steps outlined above must be used if you wish to take a secret screenshot on Snapchat. We recommend using another phone’s camera because it is the most reliable option. The screenshots will appear in your iOS device’s Photos app, where you may see them whenever you want.