Want to unlock Macbook with Apple watch? Read on to find a detailed guide on this. You most likely bought an Apple Watch for the fitness trackers or to be able to utilize Apple Pay quickly. Its traits, on the other hand, are becoming more distinct with each passing year.

It was a lifeline for everyone wearing a mask during the pandemic when Apple offered the option to unlock iPhones using an Apple Watch. However, the useful feature is not just for your phone. Your Apple Watch can also be used to unlock your Mac and accept app requests securely. So, you can use apple watch to unlock mac.

Auto Unlock is the name of the feature, and it was first introduced on Mac book before being brought to iPhones by Apple. If you have recently purchased an Apple Watch or are new to the Apple environment, you may not have heard of it that you can unlock MacBook with apple watch.

The “Auto Unlock” function allows you to pair an Apple Watch with a Mac that is logged into the same iCloud account, allowing you to unlock Macbook with apple watch just by sitting down in front of it while wearing the Watch.

Here’s how to make sure you have the appropriate devices and how to set up Auto Unlock to unlock MacBook with apple watch.

How to use your Apple Watch to Unlock your MacBook?

To enable Auto Unlock, you will need the following :

1-To unlock MacBook with apple watch, make sure your gadgets are compatible

To begin, make sure that all of your gadgets are in working order. At the very least, your Mac should be from mid-2013 or later and running macOS Sierra. To make certain, do the following:

  • In the top-right corner of your screen, hover your mouse over the Apple logo.
  • To see what year your Mac is from, go to About This Mac.
  • Select System Report from the About This Mac menu if you are still not sure.
  • Select Network > Wi-Fi from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • To find out if Auto Unlock is supported, look in the Interfaces category.
  • There is one more thing to perform if you are confident your Mac is compatible. Check to see if Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are both turned on. If you only have one turned on and the other off, the feature will not work.

2-Check that your Apple Watch and Mac are both using the same iCloud account.

Your Apple Watch and Mac must share the same iCloud account in order for Auto Unlock to work that will unlock MacBook with apple watch. Check to see if you have used the same Apple ID on both devices.

3-Check your apple watch version

After that, see what watchOS version you are using. On your wrist, you can do this:

  • Go to Settings > General > About to learn more about the product.

4-Enable two-factor authentication for your iCloud account

Because Auto Unlock can overcome your Mac’s login password, Apple wants to ensure that your computer is as secure as possible by setting two-factor authentication on your iCloud account. It is worth noting that we mentioned two-factor, not two-step, because the latter was Apple’s prior improved security standard, whilst the former is the company’s most secure. You will have to disable two-step verification if you want to use two-factor authentication.

5-Make sure you have a passcode on your Mac and Apple Watch.

If you wish to use Auto Unlock on your Apple Watch, you will require a passcode. On your Mac, you will also need to create a password.

6-Put your apple watch on

You will not be able to connect your Apple Watch to your Mac until it is unlocked and worn on your wrist. Your Mac will recognize the gadget if it is on your wrist and unlocked, and you will be able to use Auto Unlock.

Enable “Auto-Lock” To Unlock MacBook with apple watch

Turning on Auto Unlock is a simple step once you have confirmed that you have two eligible devices.

  • Open the System Preferences menu by logging onto your Mac. This is done by selecting System Preferences from the Apple logo in the top-left corner of your screen. It is also possible to tack it to your dock (its icon looks like a grey gear).
  • At the top of the window, open Security & Privacy and select the General tab.
  • Check the box labeled “I have my Apple Watch on my wrist” with your iPhone unlocked and your Apple Watch on your wrist. Then click on allow apple watch to unlock you mac.
  • Put your Mac’s password in when prompted.
  • When you wake up your Mac book, you should be able to open it without having to input its password.
  • You will have to enter your password manually the first time you log in after turning off, restarting, or logging out of your Mac book. Then you can unlock MacBook with apple watch

By following these steps you can unlock MacBook with apple watch.


Is it required to update operating systems in order to use the auto-lock feature?

On both devices, update the operating system. An out-of-date operating system might lead to a slew of issues. By updating the Apple Watch operating system and macOS, you can unlock your Mac book with apple watch.

What to do if unlock mac with apple watch is not showing?

If unlock with apple watch is not showing then you have to unpair it with your iPhone and then re-pair it, it will show up on Mac Book.

When I am not wearing my Apple Watch, why does it unlock?

If your Apple Watch unlocks without prompting, it is likely because you have set up automatic unlocking on your iPhone. Select Passcode and seek for the toggle next to Unlock with iPhone in the Watch app on your iPhone. This feature’s settings can also be found under Settings > Passcode on your Apple Watch.

Why when I unlock my iPhone, my Apple Watch does not unlock?

Check that Unlock with iPhone is enabled in the Watch app or in the settings of your watch and that the devices are within 33 feet of one another. Also, go to Settings > Passcode > Wrist Detection to see if wrist detection is enabled. Your watch will not automatically unlock if this Apple Watch lock setting is turned off.

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Bottom Line

Auto Unlock is a fantastic tool that can save you a few seconds by allowing you to get back to work faster on your Mac. To unlock the mac book Pro with an apple watch, you do not necessarily have to type the Mac password. When you are near your computer, you can use the wearable gadget to accomplish this. It is unlocked automatically.