A pumice stone is the best to remove the dray skin/callouses from feet, hands, and even elbows. You might be thinking what is pumice stone? Well, that’s why we are here. Today, we will talk about a Pumice Stone in detail. So, let’s get started:

What is Pumice Stone?

A pumice stone is basically a hard rock/stone which is used to scrub feet, hands, and elbows to remove dead-dry skin. A Pumice stone is made of a combination of Lava and water which is light and abrasive at the same time.

Pumice Stone has been in the use by human beings for ages and its results are pretty amazing. If we go back in history, we will found that Pumice stone is basically formed from Volcanic eruptions. The underground molten rocks mixed with water and gases, and give rise to this light stone which is now known as pumice Stone.

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Uses of Pumice Stone

A pumice stone can be used for multiple purposes. But always make sure to use it gently as it can cause serious scratches if used roughly. The pumice stone can be used for the following purposes:

  • Gentle Exfoliation of Calloused Skin
  • Remove dead skin from Feet
  • Remove dead skin from hands
  • Can also be used on Elbows & Knees

It is recommended by experts to always use Pumice Stone on thick skin because using it on soft skin like the Face can cause abrasions and tearing of the skin.

How To Use a Pumice Stone On Your Feet Properly

There are many ways Pumice stone can be used. Here is a complete step by step guide as to how to use a Pumice stone on your feet:

1: Gather All Your Material

First of all, gather all the material which you will need during cleaning your feet with a pumice stone. Alongside pumice stone, you will also need:

  • Towels
  • Moisturizer-Oil
  • Bowl/Tub of moderately warmed Water
  • Socks

2: Soak your feet in Water

Now, soak your feet in warm water for 10 – 15 minutes before using a pumice stone as it will soften the calloused skin. Add a little soap of oil in the water to further soften the skin. Because adding soap to water, before using a pumice stone, will help in cleaning your feet deeply.

Soak your feet in water

If you want to clean other parts like knees, elbows, or face then do this procedure in a warm shower, and don’t forget to soften your skin first with soap or oil.

3: Use a Pumice stone

  • Soaked the pumice stone into warm water before using it as dry pumice stone can cause scratches on the skin. Now, when your feet are completely soaked in water and the calloused skin is soft start rubbing wet pumice stone on it.
  • To use a pumice stone, remove the target area from water and then use a pumice stone on it. Rub the Pumice stone on your skin lightly and in circular motions. Also, apply a little pressure while rubbing in circular motions as it will help in removing the dead skin cells.
How To use A Pumice Stone
  • Continue rubbing unless you feel all the dead skin is removed and soften skin has appeared. (For more calloused skin repeat the procedure every now and then, as stubborn calloused skin can not be removed in just one wash).
  • When you are done, again soaked your feet in soft water and wash your feet again with soap.

4: Finishing the Process

  • After washing your feet, gently dry with towels. Don’t rub towels on the surface where you used pumice stone, always tap dry the skin.
  • Apply moisturizer or oil on your skin to give it a more smooth touch. A Pumice stone exfoliates your skin and makes the skin pores open. Applying moisturizer and oil afterward will be penetrated deep into your skin making it softer and smoother. Lavendar oil is highly recommended oil to moisturize your skin and it is also dermatologically approved.
Apply moisturizer after using a pumice Stone
  • It is also recommended wearing socks afterwards to further help in softening of skin.

After doing this, you are good to go. Repeat this process a few times a week to keep your feet’ skin cleaner and smoother.

Clean Your Pumice Stone As Well

A Pumice stone also requires proper cleaning because otherwise bacteria or fungi can colonize in its pores. To clean your pumice stone, perform the following steps:

  • Boil your pumice stone in hot water for 5-6 minutes. This is the best way to clean your pumice stone.
  • You can also use a toothbrush for this purpose. Apply a little soap on the brush or on pumice stone. Rub the brush on the pumice stone surface. The bristles of brush will help clean the pores of pumice stone effectively.
clean a Pumice Stone
  • Then leave the pumice stone on a clean surface to dry. After it is dried, store it at a clean place to prevent from dust and dirt accumulation in its pores.

Few Suggestions for Using Pumice Stone

  • In a family, everyone should have their own pumice stones. Do not share your pumice stone with anyone as it can cause bacterial infection to your skin.
  • Always clean your Pumice stone after using it, as improper cleaning can support bacterial growth and, it can cause infection to you, in return.
  • If your pumice stone has gone soft and its abrasive surface is now smooth or soft the replace it with a new one for effective cleaning.

You can find the best quality Pumice Stone on Amazon.com or at your local cosmetics shop.

Bottom Line

Pumice Stone is a dermatologically approved tool to make your skin feel softer and smoother. So, you can use it without any worries. But don’t forget that the important thing here is “how to use a Pumice Stone” because using it wrong can harm your skin.

We hope that our guide here will help you in using Pumice Stone properly. Stay tuned to our website for more posts like this. Also, tell us if you are facing any difficulty in using any daily-life tool. We will gladly guide you.