Every one of us wants our feet to be smooth. Well, we often find it challenging to maintain our feet clean and soft. So, what to do and how to keep it clean? Here in this article, we will sort out a solution to your problem. So, Let’s explore it!

how to use pumice stone on feet

Daily your feet, being a significant part, have interacted with the earth surface, and thus this continuous interaction causes the feet to become rough or dry, especially in winters. This dry and cracked feet skin seems terrible and becomes the reason for feet pain, if it is not treated appropriately. Sometimes this dry, cracked skin turns into a kind of infection that causes bleeding and the situation can get worse. The simplest way to encounter all these problems is the appropriate use of a pumice stone, as it helps make your feet smooth and appealing by tackling the issue of hard and dry skin.

What type of Rock is the pumice?

It is a pyroclastic igneous rock that is found liquid in the start and, after that, cools down and becomes solid. No crystallization occurs here due to immediate solidification. The rapid solidification, along with the vapor dissolve process, causes the stone to become swell and thus give it a different shape.

How to use Pumice stone on face

What is pumice used for?

When the pumice stone is applied to the feet – it will make the calluses and corns. Well, it can be used daily, but it is required to be careful before using it so much as it can have an aftereffect of bleeding if so much of the skin has been removed. Thus, it is used in the removal of dead skin. Now the question is, from where can we buy a pumice stone? So, Let’s explore it!

Where to buy pumice stone?

The pumice stone is common, and you will find it in every local beauty supply store or the mart. Some stores have double-sided stones. Such rocks are used on more sensitive areas as they provide a more smooth rub.

So, up till now, you have got many ideas about pumice stone. Now it’s time to decode the steps of using it. Let’s have a look at it!

How to use Pumice stone on face?

If you want to make your skin smooth, soft, and crack-free, the pumice stone is the best choice for it. Well, it is required that it is used appropriately as inappropriate usage can cause pain. So, we have to decipher the step-by-step guiding manual with the proper instructions so that you can remove your rough skin with ease and comfortability .dedicated knowledge base article.

Before starting the procedure of removing the skin, you need to get prepared for it. So, let’s have a look at some of its preparation methods!


The first step of preparation will be the gathering of all required material in a single place. Then you have to bring pumice stone and water – well it is necessary to have both of these items cleaned as they will be used on the skin. After that, get some temperate warm water and soak your hard, dry skin into that for around 5-10 minutes. This hot water will soften the skin.

Moreover, add some oil into that water. Thus this preparation will make the removal of dead & dry skin easier. Well, if you want to use this pumice stone on your elbow, knee, or face, then you should soak yourself in a warm bath shower.

Step By Step Guide: how to use a pumice stone on feet

To make your dead skin removal successful – you need to follow all these steps. These steps will be followed to remove the skin from the feet and other significant parts.

First of all, soak your targeted skin along with your pumice stone in hot water. The wet pumice stone slips easily on the skin and thus helps remove dead skin and reduces the chances of bleeding or injury.


  • Don’t use a dry pumice stone
  • Secondly, take out that targeted part from the soap bath and then dry it with a towel.


  • If your skin seems to be rough again, it is advised to soak it in hot water for a few more minutes until it gets smooth.
  • Light pressure should be applied on the skin with the pumice stone while rubbing. Moreover, the rubbing should be in a circular pattern.


  • If you feel some itchiness or pain, then you should stop it immediately.
  • If the target part is your feet, you should focus on the heels, the sides of the toes, and others that seem to have hard, dry skin.
  • Carry on the rubbing until the hard, dry skin removes and soft skin is observed.
  • Rinse your affected part – after rubbing for 2-3 minutes. Well, if you again find the dead hard skin, repeat the process.


  • Wash the pumice stone after each rubbing session
  • This process can be done regularly or sometimes once a week, depending on the situation.

Final Steps:

  • So, now you are done with the steps, now what to do? What are the ending steps? Let’s have a look at it! The usage of pumice stone is easy, yet it is needed to take some other things after using the pumice..
  • After completing the rubbing process, use some oil, moisturizer and maintain your skin soft and smooth.
  • Wash the pumice stone with clean water using a small brush that can remove the dead skin from the Rock.
  • Use the soap onto the pumice to make it dirt-free and clean.
  • It is usually advised not to share a single pumice with different people as it can cause the exchange of skin-related diseases.
  • Place a pumice stone in a hot dry place- so that it can dry on its own and thus prevents the bacteria.
  • If you want to clean the pumice stone, then place it into a bath of hot water.
  • Well, it is advised that pumice stone should be of proper size. Suppose it becomes small, complex, and inappropriate. Then you need to change it.

What should be the tips ?

Well, tips provide a great range of assistance, and thus it is required to have some information before starting.

Tips for the face and neck portion

The face and neck portions are considered as the sensitive part of the body, and if somehow a little bit more pressure is applied, it can cause pain, redness, and swelling.


Hence if you want to use it on your face and neck, you are advised to purchase a double-sided stone.

  • Use the stone from the smooth surface so that it can remove the skin more easily. Also, circularly rub the stone with light pressure for about 15 seconds. If you feel any pain then immediately contact the concerned medical authorities.
  • After removing the skin, rinse that part with warm water and then mix some oil or moisturizer on that area so that it can be healed.
    Tips for using a pumice stone in the hair removal process
  • Sometimes the hair also removes when you are removing the part of your dead or problematic skin. In such cases, there are some steps that you are requested to follow.
  • Soak the affected parts of skin in the hot, warm water for a few minutes. Time can vary from 5-10 minutes.
  • Put the pumice stone under the clean water and make it wet.
  • Rub the stone on the skin along with circular motions and adequate pressure on the hairs as required
  • Repeat the process if the hair doesn’t remove properly.
  • If there is some irritation or pain, then you should contact your doctor at once.
  • After completing the procedure with the pumice – soak your affected part of skin in hot water and rinse it as per your need.
  • Put some oil or moisturizer to heal that skin part.
  • You might make this process again if the process didn’t go well at first.


So, up till now, we have discussed the pumice stone with different aspects and thus can conclude that pumice stone is a great common item that ordinary people mostly use. Well, it has some proper steps and tips which need to be followed to stay protected while using it.
If you need more information, you can comment your queries below in the comment section. We’d love to entertain you!

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