Can you use Shazam on iPhone without downloading the app? To find out the answer continue reading this post. The “frustrated Italian hand gesture” and bubble tea were among the groundbreaking new emoji introduced by Apple in iOS 14.2 in 2020. It also included a very useful feature: the option to add Shazam song recognition to your iPhone Control Center.

To utilize Shazam on iPhone, you do not even need to download the app. This function may be accessed directly from your lock screen with only a few simple steps.

What is the Shazam feature?

Shazam is the classic program for identifying music that is currently playing but that the user is unfamiliar with. It is necessary to download it, just like other platforms, in order to use it. The question arises here is that how to download the Shazam on iPhone?

You are lucky if you have an iPhone because those with an iPhone can use it without downloading it. Apple purchased the feature of Shazam on iPhone in 2018, turning the app ad-free for everyone and later embedding its remarkably great song feature straight into iOS – you do not even need to download the app to use it.

When we first acquired our cellphones, Shazam was the song recognition software that made us all feel cool. By just opening an app and waving your phone in the air, you could tell all of your pals what song was playing at the pub.

How to Use Shazam on iPhone without downloading the app

Use shazam on iPhone’s Control Centre

The iPhone Control Center can now include Shazam song identification. With a handful of simple steps, you can access this feature immediately from the lock screen.

You do not even have to unlock your phone to use Shazam, which comes in handy when you are trying to figure out what song is playing on the radio before it ends. It will work even if you are listening to music through headphones.

You can use shazam on your iPhone by simply following these steps.

  • Ensure that Control Center is accessible from your lock screen.
  • Go to the Face ID & Passcode section of the Settings menu (or Touch ID)
  • Make sure Control Center is turned on and scroll down to “Allow access while locked.”
  • Then, in your Control Center, add Shazam
  • To access the Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center.
  • To add Music Recognition to the “Included Controls” list above, scroll down to “More Controls” and press the green + icon next to it.
  • Move it up or down the list to adjust its position in the Control Center (tap and hold the three bars to the right of the icon)
  • To access the Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center.
  • To add Music Recognition to the “Included Controls” list above, scroll down to “More Controls” and press the green + icon next to it.
  • Move it up or down the list to adjust its position in the Control Center (tap and hold the three bars to the right of the icon)

After the setup is complete, the Shazam icon will appear in the Control Center. Tap the Shazam button in Control Center to see what is playing on your device or nearby. Even if you are wearing headphones, Shazam can detect songs playing on your device.

Touch and hold the Shazam button to activate your History View and see the music you have identified in Control Center. To launch a song in the Shazam app or an App Clip on your smartphone, tap any song in your History View. Tap the More option, then Add to My Music to add that music to your Shazam library.

You may not be able to use all of the features included in the standard Shazam app if you use it this way. The Shazam app, on the other hand, has more fascinating features, such as a music archive and the ability to record audio while offline and have the app identify the song when you return to the internet.

Use the application of Shazam on iPhone

How to install the Shazam app on iPhone? If you have not already done so, download and activate this free app for your operating system.

  • Install Shazam
  • Select and play the unknown track you would want Shazam to identify in your favorite music app. RadioApp Pro, an app that broadcasts terrestrial radio stations to your phone, was utilized for this demonstration.
  • Return to Shazam and press the Shazam button. The title and artist of the music should appear after a few seconds.
  • When a new song begins to play in an audio file with multiple songs, hit the Shazam button.

Use Shazam on iPhone by Apple virtual assistant

Siri may also be asked to identify music using Shazam, which is useful if you have your hands full. To take advantage of this iPhone feature, follow the instructions above and make sure Siri is turned on on the lock screen. Otherwise, simply say something like, “Hey Siri, what song is playing?” When the music has been detected, she will respond that she is listening and you will receive a Shazam message.

Check out your recent Shazams

When you create a Shazam account, you will be able to see your previous Shazams both on your device and online.

  • To access My Music on your iPhone or iPad, swipe up from the main Shazam interface.
  • Recent Shazams are displayed beneath the Shazam button on Mac.
  • Recent Shazams appear underneath the Shazam button on Apple Watch and are also saved to the associated iPhone’s My Music.
  • Shazams can be saved in iCloud and accessed on other Apple devices as well as online at This also ensures that your Shazams are not lost if your smartphone is damaged.

Tip for Troubleshooting

Try these remedies if you are having trouble recognizing your songs on Shazam on iPhone:

Increase your device’s volume: If the microphone on your device does not pick up the sound, Shazam will not be able to hear the music.

Use headphones: Using earphones or headphones is another solution to Shazam not hearing tunes. If the problem persists, try placing the earbuds next to your device’s microphone. It is possible that you will need to experiment with the volume to find the right balance.


How to use Auto Shazam on iPhone?

Tap and keep (or double-click on Mac) the Shazam button to have Shazam automatically identify what is playing in your vicinity. When Auto Shazam is enabled, Shazam on iphone will identify what you are hearing in songs in the Shazam collection, even if you switch apps. Shazam does not save or store any of the information it receives.
The Shazams that have been identified with Auto Shazam can subsequently be found in My Music, organized by date. Simply tap the Shazam button to disable Auto Shazam.

How to log in to Shazam on iPhone?

You can sign in with your Apple ID. Shazams can be accessed from any device or via the internet. You may save your Shazams in iCloud for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You will not lose your Shazams if you save them. Shazams are backed up to iCloud on a regular basis. Check that you are signed in with your Apple ID and that iCloud for Shazam is enabled on your device. When you save your Shazams to iCloud, you may access them from any device and at using the same Apple ID.

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Bottom Line

Shazam is an app that uses a single press to identify songs that are being played. Now, the business has integrated Shazam’s capabilities into its iPhone, allowing users to recognize songs playing in the background with a single tap. On iPhones running iOS 14.2 or higher, this feature is available. By following the instructions outlined in this post, you can easily add Shazam to iPhone Control Center without downloading the app.

So, this is it for now. Following the above-mentioned steps, you use Shazam on iPhone without actually downloading the app. However, we also mentioned the way to download the Shazam on iPhone if that’s something you want to. Let us know if there is any other way you can use Shazam on iPhone without downloading. We will be glad to hear from you.