Using Zoom on Chromebook or any other device was a whole different kind of struggle for all of us. But, last year, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world and brought the world online. So everybody has to learn about online apps such as video conferencing apps like Zoom, Teams, etc., to survive better in the covid-19 conundrum.

Zoom was majorly used last year for an online business meeting or online class to keep the workflow consistent. But still, if you don’t know how to use Zoom on your chrome book, Mac, or PC, then don’t worry, we have got your back. We will tell you today how to use Zoom on Chromebook easily and a few simple steps:

How to use Zoom on Chromebook?

There are many ways you can use Zoom on Chromebook conveniently. You can use the website interference also, but it might not be suitable for you. However, you can easily install Zoom in your Chromebook from the Chrome store.

Through Zoom Chrome OS App, you can start or join a meeting, invite contacts, manage participants, and many more options for your comfort. But there are not all features available in Chromebook as available in desktops, mobiles, etc. That’s why it gets a little tricky to use Zoom on Chromebook.

How to Use Zoom on Chromebook? - TricksEhow

However, for the sake of comforting Chromebook users, Zoom is developing a new Chrome client in partnership with google naming Progressive Web App (PWA). The new client will ensure that the PWA’s features, speed, and compatibility are optimized. At the end of 2021, this is the expected date for Zoom PWA.

The new Zoom Progressive Web App will be brought all the good features like that in desktop Zoom. Now Chromebook users will enjoy the features like self-select breakout rooms, live transcription, customizable gallery view, and the new background-masking feature for your privacy.

Zoom App Download on Chromebook

You can easily download the Zoom app on Chromebook, just like installing any app on Android devices. So, there are some following steps from which you can easily download the Zoom:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web store or open Chrome on Chromebook
  2. Search for Zoom PWA.
  3. There will be many results like Zoom but you will only install Zoom having, and then just click on it.
  4. Select install and once it installs, click Add to Chrome then click Add Extension.
  5. Then you should see the Zoom icon in the Chrome toolbar. To launch the app, click that icon.

Now the Zoom App is successfully installed on your Chromebook.

How to Use Zoom on Chromebook? - TricksEhow

How to Log in to zoom?

If you want to join the meeting on Zoom, you have to log into Zoom. For logging into Zoom, You’ll have to keep these easy steps in your mind:

  1. If you already have an account before, you can easily log in with your username or password.
  2. But if you don’t have an account before, you can make a new account by using your Facebook or Google account by entering your either E-mail or Facebook id and password.
  3. If you forgot your password, you can easily reset your password.
  4. You can also log in using your company or school account by clicking Sign In with SSO.
How to Use Zoom on Chromebook? - TricksEhow

How to record a Zoom meeting on Chromebook?

If you have to take an important meeting or class and take notes of all critical points and not want to miss any important moment, you might want to record the meeting on Zoom.

You should know there is an option of recording Zoom meetings on your Chromebook so that you can get it later quickly.

  1. It is possible for Mac or Windows users that they can record meetings on Zoom locally or in the Zoom Cloud without buying a premium plan. But for Chromebook user, they cannot get access to record Zoom meeting without buying premium plan.
  2. For recording the meeting, ensure that you have a paid or education account. Join the meeting or click on the button of record from the meeting toolbar.
  3. You can also pause or stop recording by selecting the pause\stop button.
  4. Once the meeting end, you can go to the Zoom Web portal, sign in and go to the personal section of the navigation. Select Recordings to get your recordings.
  5. Further, go to the cloud recordings to get access to your recording.
  6. Then select the More option, click on the option of Download to download the recording to Chrome.
  7. you can also share it with others via a link.

Can you change the Zoom virtual background on Chromebook?

Zoom Chromebook allows us many functions like in the Mac or Windows-like starting or joining of meeting, inviting the contacts and managing participants, and many more but not every.

As with these functions, the change of virtual background on the Chromebook will be available in Zoom PWA. In addition, while using Zoom on Chromebook, users will be able to change the Zoom virtual background as they do on a desktop or mobile phone.

But several other functions that are not available for Chromebook users are as follow:

  • You cannot schedule a meeting on Chromebook.
  • Whiteboard sharing option only available for Mac or Windows users.
  • You cannot change your profile picture.
  • Cannot send emoticons, animated GIFs and capture screen or code snippets.

What should you do when Zoom isn’t Working on Chromebook?

If Zoom is not working on your Chromebook, so there are several ways we can try it get it to work back, which are given below:

  • Firstly, update your Zoom app.
  • Uninstall new apps and extensions
  • Reset your browser settings if your Chromebook Zoom camera not working.
  • Update your Chrome OS and re-install Zoom if audio or video stops on Zoom.

Sometimes online apps suddenly stop working, so you should know how to set the problems. These are the ways how you can adopt if your Zoom app is not working on your Chromebook.


How do I get the Zoom work on my Chromebook?

If you want to get Zoom work on your Chromebook, you first install the Zoom PWA from the Chrome store to experience the good results of Zoom on your Chromebook or use Chrome for Zoom PWA.

Why is Zoom not compatible with my Chromebook?

Zoom is not compatible with Chromebook because Zoom is only designed for Windows or Mac users, not for Chrome OS. But now, Zoom has launched a new compatible Zoom app for Chromebook named Zoom Progressive Web App. This Zoom PWA has many updated functions and functions available for Mac or Windows users.

Can you join a meeting on Chromebook?

Yes, you can join a meeting on Chromebook. Click on Join a meeting, enter the meeting id or personal link name, and click on Join. You can also see many options before joining:
• Don’t connect the audio
• Turn off the video

What Zoom app do I need for Chromebook?

Zoom Progressive Web App (PWA) is the new app launched at the end of 2021 for Chromebook users. You can easily install or download it from the Chrome store.

Can you download Zoom on Chromebook?

Yes, you can easily download the Zoom app on Chromebook. However, for this, you have to first install the Zoom PWA from the Google Play Store available on your Chromebook.
Next, you have to open it and search for “Zoom PWA” there. Then install the “Zoom for Chrome – PWA.” After the Zoom installation is complete, select the option of “Open” from the Play Store.

How to join Zoom meeting on Chromebook?

First, open the Zoom Chrome app from the app drawer available on your Chromebook.
Next, select the Join a Meeting option. Here, enter the meeting ID that your host has given you. If not, ask your host for a meeting ID.
After you have the meeting ID, type your name in the respective box and select Join to join the Zoom meeting.

How to record on Zoom on Chromebook?

When using Zoom on Chromebook, you cannot record a meeting on Zoom if you use a free account. But if you have a paid Chromebook account, you can have access to the record button to record meetings on Zoom in Chromebook. Here is how you can record a Zoom meeting on Chromebook:
> Visit the meeting toolbar available on the Zoom app, and a Record button will be available there. 
> Click on this Record button to start recording the Zoom meeting on Chromebook. 
> When you click on the Record button, the recordings will automatically be saved to the cloud. 
> Now, visit the Zoom website and log in with your account details.
> On the left menu on the screen, open the Personal section, and you will see a Recordings option; click it. 
> From two recordings options there- Cloud recordings and Local recordings- select Cloud Recordings.
> Enter the date of your meeting and select the date range. Next, click Search. You will find your recording there.

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Bottom Line

In the end, if you need Zoom for temporary purposes, you shouldn’t install it in your Chromebook; you can use it from the web of Zoom. But if you want to keep it permanently, you should install Zoom in your Chromebook and make an account on it to enjoy it thoroughly.

We hope this article helps you know how to use Zoom on Chromebook or get Zoom working back on your Chromebook if any problem occurs. Let me know your Zoom experience on Chromebook in the comment section below.